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Hi, and thanks for visiting my first web site!

My name is Steven Cory, and this is my 1st web site, and I’d thought I would blog about my trials and experience with a subject that means a lot to me, and most people out there ..men`s and women’s hair, men’s beards, balding, and of course ..the dreaded Hair loss that I have been through, and I will do my best to inform you of what I have had tried, been through, and what the outcome is.

What you will find on this web site.

On this site, you will find my experience with men`s facial hair and hair loss, information about treatments, medications, the cause of hair loss,  and insight with women`s hair problems as well, through myself and people close to me.

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Thanks again for visiting my site, and all my best.

Steven Cory.

Me and my best friend