Best 5 Beard Maintenance Tips, According to Barbers (Updated 2021)

Beard Maintenance Tips

Beard Maintenance Tips

Sometimes, what sets out a gentleman aside from others is how glorious his beard looks. Great looking beards is the key to the alpha status. However, a great looking beard doesn’t happen by accident. Sorry dear evolutionist, but the big bang doesn’t happen when it concerns your beard.

If you want it to shine, to be the most alluring of all beards, then there is a need to incorporate some excellent beard maintenance tips in your grooming routine. As you might already, growing a beard has never been an easy venture.

There are some men whom genetics have blessed beyond measure. Some factors might rely on genetics, a great looking beard is a result of consistent maintenance. It means that you’re in control and as thus, can achieve that stunning beard you’ve always dream of.

Well, here we are, ready to guide you on some incredible tips that will unveil the beauty within your beard. Ready?

Beard Maintenance Tips

1. Beard Oil

Beards represent authority, masculinity, and power. In most cultures, a beard is a symbol of wisdom, and anyone with less of it is considered less. It’s not about how much beard you have, but how glorious it looks. In that case, beard oil is a tool that must not be missing in your arsenal.

If you don’t have a beard oil, dump whatever you’re doing now and get yourself a bottle. Beard oil is a miracle worker and has been saving men who were robbed by genetics. Aside from helping with beard growth, beard oil makes your beard shiny and healthy.

Moving away from the physical appearance, beard oil also helps maintain your beard hydration level. It moisturizes your facial hair, including the skin underneath. It eliminates beardruff or any itching that men who grow beards experiences.

Beard oil is the number one beard care product you shouldn’t joke with. But most times, men cause damage to their beard by using low-quality shampoos. If you’re not using a high-quality shampoo to wash your beard, you’re stripping away your beard’s natural oil. No doubt, it cuts down on the appearance of your beard.

Washing your beard is essential, as you get the chance to get rid of yesterday’s dinner. Without this proper maintenance, your beard will look brittle and somewhat dry.

Beard oil is a natural moisturizer and should be a product that shouldn’t be missing from your grooming kit. There are different kinds of beard oil, and carrier oils, and essential oils.

  • Carrier Oils

Carrier oil is simply agents that transmit essential oils to the skin. They tend to dilute volatile oil, thereby providing nourishment and protection to the beard and skin. It is worth knowing that carrier oils come from the fatty aspect of plants and passes through the cold extraction method before being used for cosmetics and grooming purposes.

These oils come with vital components that help your beard grow and look stunning, and they include coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, and numerous others.

  • Essential Oils

This type of oil is gotten from plants, and it’s what gives plants their aroma, thereby adding some fragrance to your beard oil. If anyone comes close when you apply your beard oil, they will feel like eating you up due to your scent.

However, the nutrients in essential oil can’t be compared to a carrier oil; they still serve a wide range of functions. They help to make your beard healthy, even fight some bacteria while providing protection from sunlight.

How To Apply Beard Oil

The most common question starters ask is how to apply beard oil. How frequently should you use it, and how much is enough? Although the frequency and quantity depend on many factors, like your beard’s height or thickness. Some beard professionals advise using beard oil once a day. You think about it; it makes sense since applying too often can make your beard greasy.

Then, how much should you apply? Also, it depends on how tall your beard is. If your beard is full and tall, you might need to apply a couple of drops. The best time to use beard oil is when you’re out of the shower. That way, your pores are open and ready to assimilate the beard oil.

Before applying, ensure you dry your beards with a tower. That way, it wouldn’t be too wet for the application. There are lots of beard oil in the market, do your research before making an order.

2. Beard Balm

Just like beard oil, beard balm is another incredible beard product you shouldn’t lack. Although some men often wonder if both beard oil and beard balm can be used together. The fact is, there is always room for the other. This product is held in high esteem because it incorporates both the benefits of beard oil and beard wax.

Unlike a beard oil, a beard balm is much thicker,  which is a great feature that helps keep strayed facial hairs in place. While a beard oil can be used during all the stages of beard growth, a beard balm focuses more on keeping your beard in shape.

The thicker, denser, or longer your beard becomes, the more beard balm is a necessity that you can’t ignore. If your beard is short, you can still use a beard balm since it always gives your beard the same hydration that beard oil offers.

One crucial ingredient in beard balm is the beeswax, which gives it the thick texture that allows beards to stay in place. The same component holds a beehive together to show how incredibly thick that a beard balm is.

Another unique component of a heard balm is butter, shea butter, and cocoa butter. If you’re conversant with the benefits of these components, you won’t hesitate to have a beard balm in your arsenal as a man.

There has been a debate among men, and they are wondering: why use beard oil and a beard balm together if they both have the same benefits? Well, those in support of using both beard products tend to have a healthier-looking beard.

A small amount of beard balm can go a long way to keep your beard intact and ensures that strayed facial hairs are held in place. When applying a beard balm, make sure that your beard is warm and damp for the best result. When you scoop some small amount of beard balm, run it vigorously on your beard until it has fully melted.

With your fingertips, massage your beard in a downward motion since it helps distribute the balm to the hair follicles.

3. Beard Comb

A beaded man without a beard comb is like a farmer without his farming tools. But when getting a beard comb, you don’t just get any comb you see in the market. If you want your beard to look fantastic and well-groomed, you need to invest in a high-quality beard comb.

Just like some professionals will tell you, a beard comb is another fantastic tool you must have in your arsenal. A comb is a vital tool in your beard grooming, and there are numerous reasons for that assertion.

First of all, it can help you to get the styling that you’ve fantasized. When you comb your beard daily and consistently, it trains your facial hair to grow in a certain way, which can be great if you’re aiming for a particular style.

When going for a comb, the best are often those made from woods. With a good comb, having that well-maintained beard is possible. It also eliminates ingrown hairs, which is what most men battle with as they grow their beards. Another benefit of using a good quality comb is that it also helps distribute beard oil or other beard product evenly in your beard.

Whatever you do, avoid cheap combs at all costs, as they do more harm than good. Most of these cheap combs are plastic, and plastic or metal is what you should avoid as a bearded man. The reason a metal comb might not be suitable is because of their edges, which can cause damage to your beard.

While combing your beard and you hit a snag, avoid dragging and pulling it. Instead, slowly comb through it. That way, you wouldn’t hurt yourself or damage your precious beard.

4. Trim Your Beard

Another important beard maintenance tip that every bearded gent shouldn’t overlook is trimming. If you must maintain that alpha and confident look, you must ensure that your beard isn’t looking like that of a cat’s whiskies.

Irrespective of the style of beard you’re aiming for, a trim will keep it looking magnificent and in shape. For this purpose, you’ll need a beard trimmer. If you’re more comfortable with scissors, make sure you trim little by little. It is better to cut too short than to cut too much since you can’t replace your hair.

You can use beard trimmer and beard scissors for an entirely different purpose. The beard scissors can be to keep unruly or strayed hairs in check. You can do this during your beard’s early stage, while a beard trimmer is perfect when your beard is full and needs to be sculptured to its ideal shape.

Since various regions of your facial hair don’t grow at the same pace, a beard trimmer will ensure you trim your beard and make them evenly. When you cut your beard more often, it enhances growth, which can be a good thing.

There are many beard trimmers in the market, and your choice can depend on the functionality you want and the budget. There are beard trimmers that fit every budget, while there are some that have all the bells and whistles capable of putting your car to shame.

When going for a beard trimmer, here are some of the factors to consider.

  • Blade

A beard trimmer is as good as the blade. If the blade is not of good quality, it will end up causing more harm than good. A beard trimmer with a right blade will give you a neat, clean, and less irritating trim. Blades made from stainless steel, titanium, and chromium are best. These types of blade provide a suitable frame and are known to be durable.

  • Cord Or Cordless

Beard trimmers that come with a cord can be a good option if you don’t move around when having your trim. But if you need flexibility and mobility, then consider a cordless beard trimmer. To ensure you’re not stranded in the middle of your routine, make sure the battery capacity is impressive.

  • Beard Length

When going for a beard trimmer, the best is one that you can adjust its length easily. That is one that has multiple length settings. Such a beard trimmer will help you maintain your beard without any issues.

5. Eat Right

Diet plays a crucial role when it comes to the development of your facial hair. If you’re serious about maintaining your beard, then you need to pay attention to your food.

Sometimes, the problem with growing your beard isn’t genetics but a lack of proper vitamins and minerals that facilitate growth and a healthy-looking beard. Without the right nutrients, your beard will look dull and lifeless, which is a look you probably do not want.

Some vitamins which you shouldn’t lack in your foods include vitamin A, C, E, and biotin. When these nutrients are lacking in your diet, it will affect the overall health of your beard. Another incredible element you shouldn’t ignore is zinc, an essential component for your beard.

When you couple healthy food with suitable exercises, your beard will have no choice but to glitter and shine. Eat lots of vegetables, fruits and indulge in some aerobic exercise since they help for proper circulation. If you maintain such a healthy lifestyle, your body, mind, and beard will thank you for it.


There are lots of beard maintenance tips that you can add to your routine. The endgame is to achieve a well-groomed and attractive beard that leaves heads turning. After all, a well-maintained beard is what sets one aside from a homeless mad man. Would you want to create the wrong impression? Of course not! What other beard maintenance tips would you recommend?


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