10 Amazing Benefits of Beard Oil & Why You Should Use It


One of the essential products that any beards man can have is beard oil. Beard oil contains a fantastic array of carrier and essential oils and is the secret to maintaining beards that look unbelievably good. If you want an attractive, healthy-looking beard, then you can’t go wrong with beard oil. It is indeed a game-changer from having dull hair on your chin to beards that are worthy of admiration. Beard oil is specially formulated for the beard and skin around the beard to ensure that it is always manageable, healthy, looks fuller, and even smells better. Using beard oil should be part of your grooming routine, combine that with beard shampoo and balm, and you’ve got yours irresistibly impressive beards. They are not interchangeable as they serve different purposes.

Benefits of Beard Oil

To fully understand the benefits of beard oil, it is important to know what it is made up of. The formulation of beard oil ensures that it mimics the natural oil produced by the skin. It is a blend of one or more carrier and essential oils, including but not limited to grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and so much more. Beard oils are either scented or unscented. Unless you have allergies, you should try the scented oils. They smell so good and are available in a range of masculine scents like woody, sandalwood, lavender, and citrus.


It helps to understand the functions and differences between carrier oils and essential oils, especially when you have to apply a product made from these oils on a beard you have cultivated so painstakingly. Carrier oils serve as a base for the beard oil and also dilute the concentrated essential oils so as to make them safer for use on the skin. Adverse, unpleasant reactions can occur when essential oils are used directly on the skin like skin irritations. Carrier oils safely carry essential oils to the skin, in this instance, the skin directly underneath your beard, which is just as important to your beard’s overall health because of the follicles from which the beard hairs sprout from.


Carrier oils are derived from seeds, nuts, and kernels of a plant. Some carrier oils have a light scent, while others are odorless. Carrier oils don’t evaporate, unlike essential oils that do. Beard oils are typically about 90% carrier oils while the rest of it is essential oils, and sometimes, they may also have other ingredients that have great benefits for the skin and hair added in such as Vitamin E. Essential oils are concentrated chemical compounds extracted from plants. They contain the characteristic fragrance of the plant from which they are extracted. Essential oils are derived by process of extraction and are highly volatile and should never be used directly on the skin.


Beard oil is not an entirely new concept even though it has gained significant popularity in modern times. Native American forefathers needed to find a way to keep their beards moisturized and looking good whilst living in harsh weather conditions. Accounts show that beard oil became commercially viable in the 1930s but only became available online in 2006.


The benefits of beard oil are great, in that they transform your dull, tired, and shabby-looking beard to a beard worthy of second looks. You really shouldn’t still be considering and wondering what the purpose of beard oil really is. Just in case you are still not sold on why you should incorporate it into your grooming routine, here are some reasons for you to consider using beard oil:



An itchy beard can be caused by dry skin, initial beard growth, and /or the presence of dirt and grime. The skin’s natural oil called sebum is required to keep new facial hair properly moisturized; however, sebum production is not always directly proportional to the pace of hair growth. The skin gets dry and itchy when there isn’t enough oil to keep the hair follicles hydrated and moisturized. During the early stages of beard growth, it is very common to experience itching. This is most likely because regular shaving caused your facial hair to have sharp edges, and the follicles cause irritation when hair begins to grow. Beyond new growth and dry skin, dirt, dead skin cells, and grime can get trapped in the beard, which can lead to irritation and itching.

An itchy beard can be persistent and frustrating; it can make you question if a beard is worth having. Beard oil works by nourishing and coating hair follicles, thereby reducing the irritation that may be caused by new hair growth; it also moisturizes the skin beneath the beard.

If your beard itches, don’t panic. Use some beard oil.

2. Have you ever heard of beardruff?

That is dandruff in the beard. Beardruff is just as popular as beard itch because they usually go together. When your beard itches due to extremely dry skin and you scratch, dry beard skin flakes fall off, and that is the very unflattering Beardruff.

Beard oil can be used to treat both beard itch and Beardruff. A win all round. When beard oil is used in the early stages of beard growth, it moisturizes the skin even as the hair follicles need and use up more of the sebum produced by the skin. Harsh weather extremes can also cause dry skin, which in turn leads to itching and beardruff. You need beard oil to keep both the skin beneath the hair and the hair itself moisturized.



Is your beard patchy? If you desire a full beard worthy of admiration, then beard oil is your best bet in achieving that dream. There are a number of factors that could be responsible for a patchy beard, and these include genetics, lifestyle, alopecia areata, and hormonal imbalance. You can’t change genetics nor the growth rate of your beard, but beard oil provides hope. Beard oil can provide the right conditions for healthy hair growth, especially a therapeutic beard oil blend. It might help to treat any symptoms related to patchy beard growth. Dandruff, dry skin, and itching can prevent your beard from growing healthily, but using beard oil can help it flourish. Beard oil blends containing argan oil or jojoba oil, for example, help to produce the right environment for beards to grow and thrive healthily.


4. Easier to Manage.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, beard oil is an absolute essential for beard grooming. In addition to all the other functions of beard oil, it helps to keep your beard in a more pliant and controllable state. You don’t want beard hair that is unmanageable and scruffy with hair strands facing every direction possible. Beard oil makes your beard more supple and, therefore easier to manage. You don’t have to use a multitude of products like gels and sprays to keep your beard tame and neat. Also, you don’t get some harmful side effects from the toxins contained in gels and sprays.  Beard oils are made from natural ingredients and contain no harmful toxins. We admit that beard oils do not have as effective a hold as beard balm when it comes to styling and shaping of the beard, but it does make the beard more pliant by moisturizing and conditioning the beard and skin.


5. Prevents Acne.

A beard can easily collect a range of impurities in any day, including food, dirt, and all manner of pollutants. These can lead to blocked hair follicles, which in turn will lead to blocked pores, inflammation, and unbelievably, acne. Beard oil can help to prevent acne and to treat it when it does occur. There are specific oils that help with acne and should be included in your beard oil blend. They include sweet almond oil, which helps to reduce inflammation and treat sensitive skin, which is acne-prone by improving blood flow to inflamed areas. Its high fatty content also helps to reduce inflammation. Sweet almond oil can also be used as an exfoliant to remove dead skin cells lying under the beard. Remember that an accumulation of dead skin cells can lead to beardruff. This oil also prevents hair breakage by keeping hair moisturized. Contrary to popular belief, having dry skin can make the skin prone to acne. To counter this, you can use coconut oil to keep skin and hair moisturized and hydrated. This would, in turn, keep skin from flaking, which can lead to beardruff. Jojoba oil is a plant oil that most closely resembles the sebum produced by the skin and is a very popular oil used in grooming. It contains essential vitamins and nutrients that help in the growth of healthy, thick hair – in this case, your beard. It is also very gentle on the skin and provides some protection for sensitive skin against acne breakouts. Beard oil also keeps skin healthy, and some oils can reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.Benefits of Beard Oil

6. Beard oil improves the appearance of your beard.

It does this by keeping hair moisturized, which reduces the knots and tangles that may occur in dry hair and also makes hair softer. The longer the beard, the harder it is to comb or brush because the hair is dry and tangled. But adding beard oil to your grooming presents you with tangle-free, soft beard hair, which is easier to comb, brush and groom. It also keeps hair looking shiny and healthier.


7. Get rid of bad smell.

It’s easy for the beard to develop a smell due to the dirt/grime, sweat, and food it collects during the course of the day. Some of these can’t be avoided, like secondhand smoke from cigarettes or the smell from pollutants. To counter the stinky effects of all these, you must wash your beard regularly with a beard wash and complement the washing with the use of beard oil in a fragrance of your choice. This should keep your beard smelling nice and fresh.


8. Zero extra beard weight.

Beard oil does not weigh down your beard. The oil is lightweight and won’t cause any discomfort by being greasy, visible, or wet. No one will notice you have used a beard oil, but they will surely notice how healthy and lustrous your beard looks. And of course, you will smell really good too.Benefits of Beard Oil.



You might say a man is not his beard, however, having a beard, especially a well-groomed great looking beard, can give a man certain confidence and swag even. A well-kept, healthy-looking beard can improve a man’s overall appearance and affect the way people relate to It can also make a man seem more mature and capable. On the contrary, an unkempt beard can signal that a man is not concerned about his appearance and thus shape perception about such a person negatively.


10. People magnet.

A confident, self-assured man is a people magnet. Several studies have shown that women are attracted to men with beards, not just any kind of beard but well-groomed and maintained beards. You immediately score more points for having clean, soft, and great smelling beards. Beard oil will definitely help with scoring those points. To be honest, having great-looking beards will make anyone attracted to you because you look good, smell good, and look healthy.


You really can’t go wrong with using beard oil, it offers you noticeable benefits in the form of a shiny, soft, and manageable beard. Constant and dedicated use of beard oil will turn your beard from patchy, dull, and coarse to full and healthy, shiny, and soft. You will not have to struggle with beardruff nor knots and tangles. If for no other reason, include beard oil in your grooming kit to get rid of the discomfort of itching. Beard oil generally improves the look and feel of your beard. Plus, it’s so easy to apply: put a few drops in your palm and rub into your beard from the base to the ends and style. If you want a beard that looks great and healthy, then beard oil is an important part of the process.


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