8 Best Facial Hair Styles for Men (Updated 2021)

Best Facial Hair Styles for Men

Best Facial Hair Styles for Men

Take a look at the vast stars through your telescope, and observe just how innumerable these elements are. You see, these stars; are not as uncountable as the beards that have existed since the dawn of time. If we’re to make it our lives work, bringing to light every beard ever to exist, we’ll die having not fulfilled that purpose.

However, we’re going to attempt to unveil the best facial hair style for men, that you can rock and be the man you were meant to be. It would be a lie to term this article a complete guide, as no one; absolutely no one has ever achieved that feat. It is as gigantic as Mount Everest itself, but we’ll try our best to scratch the surface and show you ones you’re most likely to rock.

We’re going to cover certain types of beards, ranging from goatees to mustaches. This article may not detail every kind of best facial hair style for men beard out there because we’ll be paying attention to each kind, breaking them down, and defining them. In the end, you should be able to pinpoint that ideal beard you believe will bring out the charm and power in you.

Dear alpha male, are you ready? Let’s begin.

Best Facial Hair Styles for Men

1. 5 O’clock Shadow (Designer Stubble)

The 5 o’clock shadow ( just like Hugh Jackman (seen above) Wolverine himself) has come a long way and can be traced back to crust England when men often gather around 5 PM for a spot of tea. To this day, this name still fits as facial hair regrowth tends to leave a dent of darkness around your facial features. To many folks, the 5 o’clock has a little tint of bad-boy rebellion, and yet, it still comes off smart and well-groomed. our first pick for the best facial hair style for men.

Men who opt for this beard style want less irritating than daily handling of the razor blade. Not forgetting, the ladies love this alluring look and find men that rock this style super attractive. You don’t need to take our word for it, as there are lots of research to support that postulation.

Technically speaking, it is the growth of hair that appears on your face when you go a day or two without a shave. However, ensure your neck is left clean to give you the complete charming look. Do you know what this beard says about you? That you’re a little bit of a rebel, which is a good thing as you will hardly be taken advantage of.

2. The Light Stubble Look

Now that you have an idea of the 5 O’clock shadow, what about upping the game a little bit, huh? Many referred to this beard facial hairstyle as an evolution to the former, and the reason is glaring. Instead of two days’ facial hair growth, this one represents a weeks’ worth of facial hair growth. According to an Australian study, the ladies love this one too.

But… wait a minute! Growing a beard doesn’t have to be about attracting women, does it? Growing a beard comes with numerous other benefits, and you don’t need to center it alone on the women. Wearing this beard says a lot about you, and one of them depicts you as one who follows trends and isn’t afraid to show it.

There is a time where almost every advert features a man with a scruffy stubble look, which gives off this aura of confidence that every man desires. It is like a man who forgets to shave in the morning and still go ahead with the mindset, ‘I still look good anyway.’ Isn’t that the kind of confidence you want to exude?

A word of caution: be careful when rocking this beard. If you don’t maintain this facial hairstyle, you might come up as trying too hard. But if you’re aiming to grow a full beard, this is certainly not the look for you. Our 2ond favorite best facial hair style for men.

3. The Chin Curtain (Amish Beard)

Whatever you prefer to call it, it all means the same. The best way to describe this kind of beard is the hair that grows along the jawline before it erupts into a full beard capable of rising to excellent length. However, the hair above the lip is shaved clean. This facial hairstyle is mostly worn by Amish males, and it is part of their culture and beliefs.

In this exciting culture, they only grow a beard after marriage according to their religion, and they rarely grow a mustache unless in the military. Their beard is also a way to identify with their religion and culture, which can be enlightening if you’re looking for a tourist destination as a beard lover.

You are free to rock this beard, but make sure you’re not in Amish to avoid confusing the locals. Do you know what this facial hairstyle says about you? It says that you’re Amish. Well, if you aren’t, that isn’t a cause for alarm. After all, Abraham Lincoln once rocked this beard during his day, and he is nowhere Amish. This beard isn’t trendy, so wearing it will make you stand out in the crowd.

4. The Short Boxed Beard Style

In the sporty world, this facial hairstyle is often fitted to the consummate role player. This kind of player is strong-willed and is ready for every challenge that surfaces. He is often seen as the anchor to the team’s success. He doesn’t care about the spotlight, but he never fails to show up night after night to get the job done. That is not to say that SBB is doomed to be outside the spotlight, but their zeal and power is what assures success.

This facial hairstyle is best for men who don’t want to push their full beard out too much. However, you still get to keep your full beard, highlighting your cheekbones while emphasizing your jawline. It is also one of the beards you can rock in the workplace, yet your boss wouldn’t feel intimidated.

You can decide to let it grow out more to standard length but ensure it retains its defined borders. This beard is considered professional, and some big folks at the top of the company ladder often wear it. Our 3rd favorite best facial hair style for men.

5. The Full Beard Style

Not everyone has the guts to grow a full beard. And if you dare, it means you’re the man. It represents manliness and can be quite a head-turner. If you’ve been rocking stubble for a while and you want to take it a little higher, then go full beard. Although stubble is super attractive, a full beard is considered the Holy Grail of facial hair.

To achieve this kind of facial hairstyle, you have to let your facial hair grow for four to six weeks without any trimming. What a full beard does is to cover your cheeks, chine areas, and upper lips. Also, it has to extend to some point in your neck to give that full appearance. The amount of time it will take to achieve this look depending on your age, race, and genetics.

You can get a decent amount of help growing a full beard by investing in good beard oil, eating healthy, exercising, and having enough quality sleep. Take note that you might experience some itching during the growing process, and beard oil can minimize that effect. Many starters often wonder, what does a full beard say about me? A full beard depicts you to be a man of confidence, someone who is his own man and isn’t afraid to face the battles of life.


6. Hollywoodian Beard Style

This beard came with a vintage tint and was rocked by most actors during Hollywood’s “Golden Era.” Today, this incredible facial hairstyle is making a comeback. This time around, it isn’t for the rich and famous of the silver screen. You can describe this beard as having a combination of goatee and mustache, which looks attractive and manly.

The mustache looks connected to the beard, except for the sideburns coupled with a shaved neck. If you’re looking for a facial hairstyle that highlights your jawline, this is the ideal beard to rock. Men who love to rock this type of facial hair have a thing for vintage. If you’re one of these folks and you want to bring this style back into popular culture, you’re sure on the right track.

It doesn’t always have to be a full beard or stubble. If you’re willing to do something entirely different and extraordinary, something that doesn’t fit into everyone else’s everyday experiences, then you’re welcome to try out the Hollywoodian beard style.

In simple words, what this beard says about you is that you’re a lover of vintage, a lover of the old. Women and men often have a keen spot for such folks, and you sure will enjoy rocking this beard style in today’s world.

7. Chevron

Our first mustache on the list is the Chevron mustache, and you should rock this if you’re looking for a full and more robust mustache. Unlike some mustache, like the Walrus, it doesn’t cover your mouth. However, it will need some care and guidance before it devours your mouth whole. Though the mustache has been on a drastic decline over the last decade, it is making a comeback, and you will do nothing wrong, embracing this facial hairstyle.

If you’re looking for a decent looking mustache that gives you a sharp and more expansive look, then this mustache is undoubtedly the one for you. Those who wear the chevron mustache are perceived as serious and yet, calm. Men who wear this facial hairstyle can be blunt and don’t say a lot but believe more in action. The majority of men who wear this mustache are tough guys; if you have an oval head shape, this beard style will be the best decision you will ever make.

This mustache has been worn by numerous famous people like Tom Selleck and the late rock star Freddie Mercury among others. If you’re looking for the best mustache that gives you respect and confidence, perhaps you should give this a try.

8. The Toothbrush (Hitler) Mustache

Umh. You probably have to think twice before you get into this mustache, as it is famously associated with evil. Chances are, you already know this and is ready to delve into the world of… evil. While you probably do not need an introduction to Adolf Hitler, this mustache is named after him and can be quite a head-turner. With this type of mustache, you’re probably telling people to beware or get a taste of your fury.

If you’re going to rock this mustache, prepare yourself for some negative feedback. Is it the mustache’s fault? Well, the toothbrush mustache was widely accepted in the early 20th century until Hitler came and demonized this innocent mustache. This facial hair is best described as a soul patch right above the lip, with your face typically clean shaved.

As long as history exists and people still remember Hitler, this mustache is going to be the black sheep of the mustache family. But if you’re a man who doesn’t give a ‘damn’ about what people think, then give it a try. After all, a man is known when he does that, which is not conventional. When you rock this mustache, what does it say about you? If you’re brave enough to wear this mustache, people will perceive you as someone with thick skin. Indeed, it will always single you out in a crowd, which is a good thing for men who want to stand out.


There are hundreds and hundreds of different facial hairstyles for men out there. The aim should be to discover one that depicts your personality, brings out your handsomeness and charm. Remember, you don’t have to wear the same facial hair as everyone. You’re unique, different, and your facial hair could be one way you can utilize to express yourself. Among all these facial hairstyles for men, which one do you want to rock first?

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