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Best Razor Blades Top 7

The best razor or best razor for sensitive skin

Buying a Razor or still ,Best Razor For Sensitive Skin is like buying a car……..some people will say “Ford” is best…” Chevy is best”….and some say “Dodge” is best…

The same can be said about razors…..some say “Vikings” is best, and “Gillette” is best, or “Bic or Schick” are the best….until you try them and see for yourself, how are you going to know?

I will try my best as I have said before on this site, to give my honest opinion based on my own usage…Here are the Top 7 razors, so here we go…

best razor
Man with  shaving foam on face looking at camera and choosing between two razors


Best Razor

It could be quite difficult to decide the best razor or best razor for sensitive skin, blade to use when you want to shave your facial hair, there are series of them, but you need to know exactly what the best is for you. You have no reason to have razor bumps, burn, nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs after shaving. The best thing you can do is to use the best men razor blades to prevent anything called irritated skin.

Two things irritate your skin, it is either the approach with which you shave or the tool you use to shave. You might have to pay proper attention to the razor blades or the best razor for sensitive skin blades, you use to shave if you want to get the best of shaves. When you combine this with the proper skincare including good shaving cream, there is no limit to having a baby-smooth shave.

There are various debates out there concerning the best razors to use to shave, while some say that electric razors, others say the more your blades, the better the shave. Some people say that you become prone to ingrown hairs and irritation the more blades you use.

You are open to several categories of razor blades, they include electric, safety razors, hybrid styles, cartridge, and razors you can use on your sensitive skin. Depending on the choice you would like to make, we have a list of some of the best razor and best razor for sensitive skin ,that will give you the best shave when you use them. They are all available on Amazon where you can order for them and they will be delivered to you. Check out our top 8 men’s razor blades below:


  1. VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Double Edge Safety Razor

  2. BIC Flex 5 Hybrid Men’s 5-Blade Disposable Razor

  3. Gillette Mach3 Turbo Men’s Razor

  4. Schick Hydro Sense Sensitive Razors for Men With Skin Guards

  5. VIKINGS BLADE The Godfather Double Edge Safety Razor
  6. Barber Straight Razor, Professional Barber Straight Edge Razor

  7.  Feather Artist Club Wood DX Folding Handle Razor

How to Choose a Razor Blade

You will always find a lot of razor blades around, however, if you are not familiar with razor blades, you will fall victim to buying the one that is unlikely to work for you. There is always a need to know how to choose your razor blade before you proceed to purchase one for yourself. You need to consider several factors before deciding the type of blade you want to buy. You need to select a razor that will best fit your lifestyle and schedule.


The factors you will need to consider when you want to choose the best razor blade to include the following:

1. Price

The first thing you might want to consider when you want to buy razor blades is the price. You will see different costs of razor blades out there. There are very expensive ones and less expensive ones. You will need to check your pocket before you proceed to purchase the razor blade of your choice. If you can get the best, you are guaranteed that it will last for a very long time.

2. Check the handle

Another thing you need to check out when you want to choose razor blades is to check out for the handle. You will want your razor blade to have a handle that is thick, textured. This will provide a sure grip for you. You will not want your razor blade to slip or slide off your hand when you are using it to shave.

3. Type of razor blade

The biggest decision you will need to make is the type of razor blade you want to use. There are several types of razor blades including disposable razors, straight razors, cartridge razors, and safety razors. What we will do is to explain each of them after the other, check below;


Disposable Razors Blades: This is a type of razor blade that has the handle and the blade in one piece which you will throw away after the blades get dull. The good thing is that it is very convenient and not expensive, you can buy them in bulk and it is great to use for travel.


Straight Razors Blades: This razor blade has existed for a long time, for several centuries. However, it remains one of the best shaving tools you can see around today. A lot of people do not use them because it takes a lot of finesse and experience not to wound the face when using a straight razor to shave. If you can handle it, then you will truly have a nice time using it.


Cartridge Razor Blades: When you want to get this type of razor blade, you will buy the razor blade separately from the razor cartridges. There are different qualities of cartridge razors, the best qualities will allow you to have a clean shave without cuts and nicks. The only disadvantage of getting a cartridge razor blade is that it could be quite expensive.


Safety Razor Blades: This is commonly used by most men and it is regarded as the double-edged safety razor. The blade has only the very edge being exposed and it has been designed to help you prevent cuts and nicks. It is easy to use safety razor blades and this is why it is good for starters and it is also used by some experienced shavers. You might, however, find some difficulty in using this blade because you might not be able to shave the angular area of the face. After all, the blade is locked within a restricted angle.

4. The sensitivity of your skin

One of those things you need to consider when you want to choose a blade is the sensitivity of your skin. If you have skin that gets easily irritated, you should better use safety razors than multi-bladed cartridge razors. This is because when you shave with a multi-bladed cartridge, you run the risk of removing too much of your skin.

5.Your Shaving Routine

To choose a blade, you will need to consider your shaving routine, if you usually shave in the morning, you might have to check whether you are always in a rush before you decide the kind of razor blade to buy. Using straight or safety razor blades will require you to put in extra concentration and time, however, cartridge razor blades will work perfectly when you are rushing.

How to Choose a Blade for Sensitive Skin

Having checked out how you can choose a blade, we want to find out how you can choose the best blade if you have sensitive skin. When your skin is sensitive, you will be prone to irritation, shaving bumps, and ingrown hairs. If you use a razor blade that is not conducive for your skin, you will likely get irritation, breakouts, razor burns, and other types of nastiness.

Because of this, you need to pay proper attention to the type of blade you use for your sensitive skin and there are lots of special blades you can use to ensure your sensitive skin is not affected. Furthermore, to choose the right blade for your sensitive skin, you need to consider some factors before you go ahead to select. Check some of those factors below:

1. The handle

If you want to choose the best razor blade for your sensitive skin, you need to consider the handle. Though a lot of people do not consider it to be very important, it is. The handle of your razor blade should be ergonomically designed. It should comfortably fit into your hand, give you a nice grip without making the hand get weary.

2. Moisturizing

You also need to consider the moisture you use on your face when you want to choose your razor blade. When your face is well lubricated, you are unlikely to experience irritating shaves. Not all razor blades come with a moisturizing gel or lubrastip. If you can find the one that comes with it, then you are in a better position to enjoy your shaves.

3. Price

The same way we talked about price when we discussed how you can choose a blade, you also need to consider the price before you select the best razor blade for your sensitive skin. The first thing is to check your pocket if you will be able to afford the best razor blade because most razors are quite expensive because they are all made of materials of high qualities and most of them will also shave your facial hair without irritation. Many of them have also been designed to last for a long time. It means you will be getting the value of your money.

However, it is not all razor blades that are lower in price have low qualities, most especially disposables. You are likely to still enjoy quality shaves when you use disposable razor blades that you will dispose of once the blade has become dull. It is not expensive, but you have the assurance of having a good shave with it.

4. The shaving head

Most cartridge razor blades have adjustable shaving heads. This means you can adjust the blade’s angle to try to fit it to the contours on your face. The settings can be adjusted to have a milder shave or a more aggressive one. People with sensitive skin will appreciate having a razor blade they can easily adjust because it will give them less irritation. When you check out other razor blades, you will realize that they are not easily adjustable and that could cause more irritation.

5. Safety or Cartridge razor

If you have sensitive skin, you may need to consider a cartridge razor blade because it is easy to handle and will only leave a few skin irritation, nicks, and cuts. The good thing about cartridge razor blades is that it can be found anywhere, you can buy it anywhere. It means you wouldn’t need to worry if you mistakenly forgot your razor blade when you are going on a vacation. You can also use double-edge safety razor blades because it will give you a closer, cleaner shave. Safety razor blades have also been found to last longer than cartridge blades.



1. VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Double Edge Safety Razor

Vikings Razor and Blades

  1. This is THE original Chieftain: a time-tested and proven perfect all-rounder razor with medium aggression
  2. 20% Heavier. 150% Smoother. 200% more Eco-Friendly than other mass-produced lookalikes
  3. HIGH-end materials, HEAVY construction & SUPERB quality control
  4. Luxury case with mirror with a pack of Swedish 13C26 steel mild blades          

images 2

“Final Thoughts”

This is one of 2 Razors that I use, I do buy my own Razors ect. from Amazon,(why to take the chance walking into a store nowadays with the “virus” everywhere, safer ) anyways I like it the best, the style and the length, weight. With these Razors thou, proper shaving soap and the proper brush make a big difference.


2. BIC Flex 5 Hybrid Men’s 5-Blade Disposable Razor, 1 Handle, 6 Cartridges

BIC Flex 5 Razor

  • 5 long-lasting, flexible blades individually adjust to the contours of the skin for an ultra-close shave
  • Lubricating strip enriched with aloe enhances glide while shaving
  • The pivoting head and ergonomic anti-slip handle offer better shave control
  • The precision edging blade helps reach those tricky spots like under the nose
  • One fresh new handle and 6 refills in every package; Case includes 12 packages

images 2

” Final Thoughts”

ir?t=website10eb 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B011L8WJIAThis BIC Flex 5, is the second one that I use, when I don`t use the one pictured above,  it lasts a while for me around 8 shaves, 10 might be pushing it for me, but everyone is different right.


3. Gillette Mach3 Turbo Men’s Razor Handle With 2 Blade Refills

Gillette March3

  • Gillette razors for men with stronger-than-steel blades stay sharper longer
  • Engineered to last for 15 comfortable shaves
  • Gillette Mach3 Turbo men’s razor features sharper, Turbo cutting blades
  • Long-lasting lubrication strip provides an incredible glide (nice to have)
  • Microfin skin guard stretches the skin and prepares hair to be cut

images 2

” Final Thoughts”

I have not tried this Gillette March 3 myself, The reviews on Amazon were good, so I decided to put it on my site as well. Have a look at it, if you do decide to but, let me know how it is, so I can post you comment here under this razor.


4. Schick Hydro Sense Sensitive Razors for Men With Skin Guards  1 Razor Handle and 5 Razor Blades Refills

Schick Hydro Sence razor

  • Our sensitive gel formula, with herbal extracts, comforts skin while our 5 ultra-glide blades with skin guards protect you from irritation
  • Shock Absorb Technology: Our unique razor auto-adjusts based on how you shave, backing off if you’re applying too much pressure, or adding back when you need it
  • The 7 Gel Pools are designed to provide instant lubricating protection, featuring a lubricant surface area increase of 80 percentage Average vs. Quattro Titanium lube strip
  • Flip trimmer for hard to reach areas, conveniently switch between shaving larger surfaces with all 5 blades, and precision trimming with single edging blade, all with a simple flip of the thumb
  • Razor pack includes one (1) razor handle and two (5) razor blades refill        

images 2

‘Final Thoughts”

This is one I would like to try, but I am a creature of habit, if I am using something and if it does not require me to use something else, I will not try it…..I know strange. But the reviews on this Schick, and look at all those blades in one head…cool.If anyone out there tries this razor and likes it…send me a comment.


5. VIKINGS BLADE The Godfather Double Edge Safety Razor (Gentle & Mild)

Vikings Double Edge Safty Razor


  • Premium high-end heavy-duty Swedish materials & SUPERB quality control, not cheap pot metals like other similar clones (Same-same BUT different). A SUPERIOR, MANLY Shaving Tool without burning your pocket
  • ECO FRIENDLY – Reduces plastic waste and save the environment
  • Luxury carry case + A pack of Swedish 13C26 steel mild blades
  • Traditional razor head for a hefty heavy duty old school feel with a Cut-minimising system 

images 2

“Final Thoughts”

This Vikings Blade is almost like the one I have (top of this list) I have not tried this one yet (thinking about it)

The reviews are excellent on Amazon, one of the reviews said “I have had to, and still am, re-learning how to shave.”, sounds interesting. Let me know if you have tried it.


6. Barber Straight Razor, Professional Barber Straight Edge Razor – Barber Razor Compatible 


Black Widow Razor


  • COMFORTABLE GRIP; BALANCED WEIGHT – At 2.6 oz, the Black Widow straight blade razor causes less vibration from the razor blade while shaving. It also provides the perfect balance in your hand for easy maneuvering. The proper, balanced weight distribution prevents strain on the wrist; feels great in the hand
  • 100% RUST-RESISTANT STAINLESS STEEL – Black Widow straight safety razor is well-constructed with stainless steel, which is stiffer and better for thick beard or hair. Already set for an exposed blade for crisp cut lines. You don’t only get a good shave but also a good value for money
  • PRECISE, SMOOTH CUT – Our single edge barber razor features an armature swing lock design for secure blade insertion; created with thumb notch and ridges for extra control for preventing the razor to slip, which is most crucial when doing close shave
  • STYLISH YET ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Set in matte black and shiny gold accents, our cutthroat razor gives that feel of classy construction and masculine design; double-coated to prevent chipping and add make this barber blade razor sturdier
  • FOR PROFESSIONAL BARBERS AND STYLISTS- With the 1.5mm blade exposure, this straight edge barber razor is ideal for advanced pros who need to perform more precise, detailed work. Compatible with any barber razor blade, straight razor blades or double edge blades (snap in half)

images 2


7. Feather Artist Club Wood DX Folding Handle Razor

Made in Japan

Feather Artist Razor


Straight Razor for Single Straight Edge Barber Razor Blades

Professional Shaving Razor for Men

Feather Artist Club Pearl DX Single Straight Razor features a folding, resin, pearl-white handle for a glistening, secure grip and stainless steel body for a traditional, comfortable shave. This elegant handle provides a completely controlled, comfortable, slip-resistant grip and is impenetrable by disinfectants, chemicals, and heat up to 135°C (275°F).

images 2

“Final Thoughts”

This is one of the BEST blades out there. And for the price, I would think so. I have not used any do I know anyone that has, (we all don’t have the nerve to use this kind of blade on our-selves, to chicken ) but the reviews are Excellent on this blade. Click the link above and see the reviews on the blade, and if you do try it…please let me know.


What Makes the Best Razor?

Finding the best razor or better still best razor for sensitive skin can be a challenging task for most people. Most of the top brands of shaving cream, aftershave gel, and other grooming products have been developed by well-known and respected companies, however, a lot of men and women are still clueless as to what makes the best razor. In this article, we will try to answer the question: what makes the best razor?


First off, you should consider whether you want a sharp and comfortable razor or one that does not require that much force. A wide, rounded blade may not be the most comfortable choice for some people, but you can still find an electric shaver that is quite comfortable.


There are four types of shaving blades: straight, curved, miter, and even. Each type of blade has its own advantages and disadvantages and should be carefully considered before you buy a shaving kit or razor.


You should also take a good safety precaution before starting to shave. The best razor that you can use would definitely be a one that doesn’t irritate your sensitive skin and does not contain any harmful chemicals that can damage your skin. Before trying out a new razor, make sure to try out the instructions on the packaging.

Bargain Blades?

If you are looking for a good bargain in a razor, then it would be a good idea to visit stores that sell only second-hand goods. Secondhand items can be purchased at very cheap prices, so you can easily find a great deal on a used razor. However, it would be a good idea to make sure that you are buying from an authentic seller rather than a scammer. This way, you can get a good warranty and you can be sure that the razor that you are buying is in good condition.


The last thing that you need to consider when searching for the best razor for your shaving needs is the condition of your skin. If you want a razor that will help reduce the irritation that your skin experiences, look for one that is made with natural ingredients. Some of the most common ingredients that are used to manufacture good razors are almond oil, glycerin, and aloe vera. These ingredients are considered to be safe and they are known to help the skin to withstand the harshness of shaving.

Electric Shavers

The best electric shavers would also have a lot of different options such as blades that range from three to five inches. It would also be a good idea to look for the features of the razor that you want, such as the ability to change the angle of the head and if you want to switch between a blunt and a sharp shave.


So before you go shopping for the best razor or best razor for sensitive skin, that will make your shaving experience a pleasant one, you have to think about what is most important to you. This way, you will have an easy time choosing the one that will help you get the closest shave possible.

Having a good shave goes way more than just using a razor blade. You need to choose the best ones that will give your skin the best care. If you are yet to consider some of the several factors to consider above, you need to start paying attention to them from today. Having the best shave means having a great day.


If Regular shavers are NOT your thing, please have a look at our Electric shaver section here

There are tips on how to choose an Electric shaver, with a list of where to get them from.




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