The Corporate Beard Style: Grow & Trim this Professional Look

business man beard

There are so many ways to groom your beard into the style that suits you, and this section will give you a complete guide on how to get started in no time.

1) Corporate beard

If you want to grow a beard that would fit in well into your workplace, the best style to opt-in for is the corporate beard. This type of beard will make you look more confident and usher in that ready-to-work look everyone will want to see. But if you want to argue this, do a quick spy on Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sach CEO, and see for yourself how audacious he looks in his corporate beard.

Bisinessman beard


How to groom your corporate beard

The first thing to do if you are just starting in growing a corporate beard is to move away from the blades for 4-6 weeks. This period, your beard will come out in its glory and would be expecting a definition which you would give after six weeks.

Next off is the maintenance stage

Your beard has grown out to the desired length, and you want to maintain a particular structure. This would be done by shaving along your beard neckline only. Try as much as possible not to leave out any hair at the wrong places since you are going for the corporate style.

Also, consider your upper cheeks as you shave. Create a clean margin to avoid unevenness in your beard. If you would need assistance for a smoother job, don’t hesitate as you don’t want your cheeks to look tatty.

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