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8 Best Facial Hair Styles for Men (Updated 2021)

Best Facial Hair Styles for Men

Best Facial Hair Styles for Men Take a look at the vast stars through your telescope, and observe just how innumerable these elements are. You see, these stars; are not as uncountable as the beards that have existed since the dawn of time. If we’re to make it our lives work, bringing to light every […]

How to Trim Your Mustache: An Illustrated Guide in 2021

How to Trim Your Mustache

How To Trim Your Mustache It was as if the mustache lost its way, making those who have it look like cave dwellers stuck in the 70s. Modern fashion trends can be dominating, but there is a comeback as men are beginning to rock their mustache despite popular trends being projected by teens stars like […]

Fu Manchu Mustache Styles To Refine Your Style (2020)

Fu Manchu Mustache Style Style of facial hair The Fu Manchu mustache, as put on by the eponymous imaginary personality. A Fu Manchu mustache or just Fu Manchu is a full, straight mustache that originates on the edges of the mouth as well as expands down past the clean-shaven lips and chin in 2 tapered […]

Mustache Styles: Different Mustache Styles (2021)

Different Mustache Styles Ah, the mighty mustache. No various other design of facial hair holds rather as much power as an unshaven top lip, for far better or even worse. It’s a uniquely manly point, the mustache something guys have actually made use of for centuries to proclaim “I’m a male, dammit, and I’m going […]

How to Shape a Chevron Moustache

 Chevron mustache

 Chevron mustache The chevron mustache is one mustache style that demands lots of attention and care. If forms like the other mustache but becomes distinct from others when it is fully styled. Interestingly, it fits almost all types of face shape but more for the oval shape. How to style a chevron mustache Just like […]