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Best Electric foil Shaver for Men in 2020, Tested | GQ

Foil Shaver

Foil Shaver Foil Shaver Foil shaver got the name because the foils cover the blades. You will notice that the foils look like thin metal sheets that contain tiny holes. The hair usually enters into the shavers through the holes. Oscillating blades (cutters) are located behind the foils with the blades moving forth and back […]

The Ultimate Guide of Using Minoxidil Beard Growth 2021

Minoxidil Beard

              The Ultimate Guide of Using Minoxidil Beard Growth 2021 Minoxidil for Beard Growth Having read all through the various methods to embrace when trying to grow your beard faster, what if you keep losing hair regardless because your gene will not permit hair growth? Well, if you are on this boat, why not read […]

How to Grow a Van Dyke Beard (Updated 2020)

Van Dyke Beard

Van Dyke Beard…looks good on Robert Downey Jr. but then again whats doesn’t? Right…  Van Dyke Beard This is one classy beard that sends off a sophisticated message to your onlookers. If you want to try to create this style with your beards, follow these five steps, and be committed to the whole process. Step […]

Best Electric Shavers Razors in 2021, tested by experts

The Electric Shaver vs Razor

Best Electric Shavers/Razors Foil Razor vs Rotary Razor? Foil Razor vs Rotary Razor? Should you pick a rotary electric razor or a foil one? The best electric shavers/ razors? That’s a question that men are generally asking themselves when they’ve used one or the other. Your father could have started you on a foil electric […]

Does Creatine Hair Loss? Updated 2020

Creatine scoop

 Creatine Hair Loss? Good Question. The subject Creatine hair loss? Good question, i was wondering that my self! here are several reports out there that being subjected to creatine could directly result in your hair loss. However, there has been no scientific research that has clearly stated that this claim is true. Several factors lead […]

Scalp Micropigmentation: 19 facts Before and After, Benefits

needle on scalp

  All You Need to Know About Scalp Micropigmentation With millions of individuals struggling with hair loss today, we should enlighten you on the treatment options available. A few treatment options optimally help manage hair loss and balding in men and women. However, our attention to study today is on the second most popular of […]

Best Electric Shavers For Sensitive Skin

Best Electric Shavers For Sensitive Skin

Best Electric Shavers for Sensitive Skin overview When you are out shopping for the Best Electric Shavers For Sensitive Skin or better yet for men, then you want to make sure that you look for the best shavers that will fit your needs and preferences. While it’s true that you can find reviews and ratings […]

10 Best Face Wash For Men 20201-Buyers Guide

guy washing face

 10 Best Face Wash For Men Choosing or finding the best face wash for men can be tough. and Shaving Razors can be to , especially when one does not really know what to look for, or where to go. I had the same problem, and because of a certain “Virus”  out there at the […]

Best Razor For Sensitive Skin (Dec, 2020)

different razors

Best Razor Blades Top 7 The best razor or best razor for sensitive skin Buying a Razor or still ,Best Razor For Sensitive Skin is like buying a car……..some people will say “Ford” is best…” Chevy is best”….and some say “Dodge” is best… The same can be said about razors…..some say “Vikings” is best, and […]