11 Best Hair Grooming Tips Every Man Should know (2021)

Hair Grooming Tips Every Man Should know

Hair Grooming Tips Every Man Should know.

Hair grooming is a reverence art, and it is what depicts a real man from a lad still trying to find his way around life. There is no shame in it. The shame lies in you if you don’t have any routine that you follow. If you want to look dapper and understated, grooming has to become an intrinsic part of your life. A man that looks after himself has this glow that cannot be seen anywhere.

Hair grooming doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, nor do you have to be the son of Bill Gates to pull this off. It means finding the essentials that work for your hair and a lot more when it comes to grooming. Most men often think grooming their hair will cause them to spend hours in the bathroom, which they believe is a feminine activity. Far from that, as you don’t need to spend hours in the bathroom either.

Instead, you will be building your daily routine that is not only quick but simple and enjoyable. In this article, you’re going to learn some hair grooming tips that will drastically improve your overall appearance. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Best Haircuts For Men With Thinning Hair

1. Trim Your Mustache And Beard

Unless you’re the Duck Dynasty guys, you need to keep your mustache and beard in check through constant trimming.  Unlike when you had no mustache, and you had to shave every day. Well, those days are over, and now, your hair is growing, and they need a little help from your end. It will not cost you heaven and earth to get this done; just a beard trimmer to run over these stray bushes and bring them to the same length.

If you like, you can decide to leave the goatee area a little longer. Whatever you do, ensure it isn’t looking like Hitler’s mustache, as that can be, weird! As you trim your healthy and beautiful mustache and beard, ensure that the edges where the hair ends are neat and crisp. You can make this a two days routine or more, depending on how fast your hair grows.

You know your hair more than anyone and should be able to diverse a better plan. With a neatly trimmed mustache and beard, you will be getting whistles as you walk on the road. Not forgetting, your boss will love you the more. Above all, you will feel happy about yourself.

2. Control Your Eyebrows

Plucking your eyebrow? Stop that! That is nasty, childish, and gives off this inferior vibe when someone is watching from afar. Real men don’t pluck their eyebrow, so retreat from such an activity. Don’t worry; our trip wouldn’t warrant getting out your tweezers.

Please make this a monthly routine, to always look at these things above our eyes. Ensure that they are clean, fully separated, and trimmed. The last thing you need is a bushy eyebrow that is threatening to scare the neighbor’s children away. Unless you’re trying to scare them during Halloween, then, by all means, keep it.

To ensure that your eyebrows are tremendous and neat, keep them in check by trimming them with a pair of scissors. If you can’t do this yourself, your barber is always up to the rescue. If your girlfriend is strict with her brow gel, try a hair gel, or probably stick to your barber. In case you don’t know, an unruly eyebrow can mess with your face symmetry, thereby taking the attention away from your eyes.

3. Banish Nose Hair

No one wants to see those. It is improper. No one, literally no one, finds nose hair attractive. However, just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean people don’t. You thought it has been lying hidden? If you’re tall, most people probably look at you from below. Can you imagine the torture you’ve subjected these innocent souls to? Well, you’re forgiven, and now is the time to do something about it.

There are many devices that you can order from Amazon, and it will get the job done. You can also use a wax, although it can be pretty uncomfortable when you’re pulling it out. But when you’ve removed these nasty hairs, you might discover that you’re now breathing better and fresher air. Above all, you look well-groomed, which can be something that people will notice and appreciate you for. They might not pat you in the back and mention it, but rest assured that something as tiny as this has a massive impact on your grooming as a man.

4. Eliminate Ear Hair

If you’re one of the unlucky fellows that have visible hairs in the ears, you might need to banish them as well. The same way you did to your nose, just the same way. Your ear can be somewhat tricky, especially if you can’t see the inside of your hair even with the help of a mirror. In that case, you always have your friend to help out. As the saying goes, ‘you scratch my back, I scratch yours.’

The fact is the older you get, and the more prone you’re to getting hairs on your ears. Use the same trimmer you used on your nose and get rid of those hairs. They don’t look nice and can even mess up your appearance despite looking and smelling good. Whether you’re trimming it yourself or a friend helps you, make sure not to dig into your ear. Just cut until you can’t see any end of the hair.

It might feel as though trimming your ear hair doesn’t have any significant impact on your appearance. But don’t worry, it does, and the reason you feel that way is that you don’t see your ear. But people do, and trimming them is something that will set you off as a well-groomed man.

5. Have A Naked Neck

That is where men’s grooming has been murdered numerous times on the cross. It is one of the hair grooming tips that men easily neglect. They often reason, whoever does their hair probably trim their hairs on their neck too. However, they don’t know that the hair on their neck grows just as fast as they beard. Unless you visit your barber weekly, you will have to neaten up your neckline a couple of times every week. That way, you get this fresh and neat look from behind.

One way to handle this is to shave with a hair clipper or trimmer in a matter of minutes. You can also use a regular electric razor like you often do with your beard. To achieve a fair and neat look, shave from the bottom of your hair and then go underneath your collar. If you’re having difficulty doing this, you can also get assistance from a friend or girlfriend. If those aren’t an option, your barber is always up for the rescue.

By having those hairs in check and well-trimmed, you will feel good when you see a back shot of yourself. It is one of the hair grooming tips that real mean doesn’t joke with. But having a bush neck tells a lot of sad stories all the time. Either you’re miserable and depressed, or you don’t care about your appearance. Those can be strong messages that can make people shy away from you.

6. Know Which Hair Product Works For You

There are overwhelming hair products in the market, and it isn’t apparent when making a choice. However, some indications will help you choose the right hair product that will work for you. A thicker and unruly hair works best with pomade and waxes, while a finer-headed should go for lighter products. Moreover, there is also stuff for men with no hair at all.

The best way to find the ideal hair product is simply research. If you’ve not been trusting what is written on tins, perhaps you need to. When you do some light reading, coupled with trial and error, you will discover the Holy Grail. Your barber can be a good source for a recommendation, and most time, they are always spot on. The reason is simple; they have been working with lots of hairs and tend to know the best fit; just be touching your hair.

The right hair product will keep your hair glittering, healthy, and attractive. For your beard, ensure that it contains some virgin coconut oil, and you’re good to go. That is because virgin coconut oil has been said to work wonders when it comes in contact with your beard.

Other Men Grooming Tips That You Should Know

1. No, Toothpaste?

Running out of toothpaste at the wrong time can be sad, but that doesn’t mean you should skip brushing. Baking soda whitens your teeth and cleans your mouth, almost like conventional toothpaste. All you have to do is mix ½ teaspoon with a bit of water and brush. If you must get the whitening effect, allow it to stay on your teeth for at least 2-minutes. Then brush until you’re done.

It doesn’t leave any minty taste, but it will leave your mouth fresh and clean. If there is any stain on your teeth, it always does an excellent job of eliminating them.

2. Substitute For Conditioner

For your grooming needs, hair and beard conditioner is one of the essentials. However, you might need to stay away from shampoo since it is drying and always eliminates natural oils from the hair. The best is a lotion with a similar thickness to a conditioner produced for fine hair. Please don’t make the mistake of using heavy cream, as it might weigh down your hair way too much.

3. Scrub Your Face

A well-chosen scrub can be the miracle your face needs, especially these concoctions designed to slough away dead skin. When you make this a weekly routine, your face will have you to thank. However, this shouldn’t come at the expense of the universe, as there are natural ingredients that you can opt for, like oats, apricot kernels, coconut oil, and more.

4. Shave Like An Expert

A clean shave is everything, and knowing how to do this yourself can save you tons of money in the long run. Before you begin, ensure you prepare your skin beforehand by using shave oil. It will help the razor to glide smoothly without any bump. When you soak the blades in warm water, it further expands the pore, reducing redness and irritation. But if you’re not enjoying the process and have the bucks to spend, you can always leave it for an expert.

5. Become A Regular At Your Barbers

Please make it a habit always to have yourself taken care of by an expert. Nothing beats the feeling of coming out of your barbershop, and you’re like ‘damn, I look sleek.’ You know the feeling, and try to replicate it every now and then. You can make this appointment weekly, monthly, or whenever you notice there needs to be some trim.


Enjoying hair grooming is the best way to succeed at it. Also, it helps to hone your new skills and encourage you to maintain your routine. For most men, hair grooming can be a tiring and tedious chore. At first, you might seem lazy to go to it. But when you start getting results, you will be motivated to keep up and even advance your routine. It doesn’t happen overnight. It is a gradual process that builds over time.

Good grooming will improve your self-confidence and the way people perceive you. It doesn’t have to be a severe adventure where you’re scrubbing or trimming away. That can be strange, but of course, it is essential and has real effects on your life. Remember the reason for these hair grooming tips. The aim is not just to look good but also to feel good, which can be a powerful feeling. Don’t you agree?

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