How long Does It Take To Grow a Beard (Updated 2020)

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How Long Does It Take to Grow a Beard?

Have you been asking this question for so long? Are you also wondering how best to grow a beard in the healthiest way? If you have ever asked any of these questions, then your answer is right here. Although the question of how long it takes to grow a beard can just be answered simply with a duration of about 2-4 months. To avoid further confusion, you will need to know more as to how growing a beard can differ from person to person.

The rate at which your beard or facial hair will grow will not be the same as someone else because the genetic programming of each individual is unique. Yet, there are some laid down facts that agree with how beards are grown. To know more insight, read on to see all that you didn’t know about beards and the perfect answers to your present and future questions on growing a beard.

Phases of growing a beard

The physiology of beard growth will serve as a good background in knowing how your beard is structured and why it grows the way it does. It is first important to know that the hair grows in a cycle that consists of three phases known as the Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. These three phases, however, operates in a constant cycle that changes with time.

  • Anagen phase

This phase is also known as the growth phase. In this phase, a division occurs in the hair bulb, thereby generating room for new hair to grow. Hair is seen at this stage physiologically to keep growing between 2-7 years, depending on so many other factors. After a maximum of 7 years, the hair will stop growing or rather remain dormant and move into the next phase called the Catagen phase.

In the Anagen phase, the hair will only grow well when generously nourished with adequate blood supply, and this still depends on the unique genetics of each individual, health, and also the age factor. Since the Anagen phase is the only phase that growth is seen, you can attribute long hair to the amount of time it stays in this stage.

  • Catagen phase

Another name credited to this phase is the dormant phase. In this phase, your hair stops growing and is cut off from blood supply. Therefore, the hair in this stage can then be called club hair because it has no connection to the roots and has become more attached to the skin only. The period of the catagen phase also varies between two to three weeks, depending on similar factors like the anagen stage.

  • Telogen phase

This is the final phase of hair growth, which lasts for up to 3-4 months. One fascinating thing about this stage is that the hair follicle from the catagen phase stays the same while the new hair follicle begins to take form from beneath without any physical side effect. This phase doesn’t just start abruptly, but the club hair first starts by resting on the skin before the underground hair starts growing.

The process happens very naturally as the club hair just knows when to fall off to give room for the new hair to stay on the surface. It is important to note also that this process doesn’t remove all the hair you have at once because each hair has different times and operates on unique cycles.

The estimated amount of hair you can lose in a telogen phase will be between 50-100, and by that time, the larger percentage of your hair is in other phases. So, when you comb your hair and see some strands, understand it is a natural process taking place, which should be embraced.

Factors that affect hair growth

Having known the physiology of growing hair and that it is based on certain factors, the next question anyone will want to ask is what those factors are.

1) Age

Age is a very important factor to consider in growing beards and hair in general. Most men can attest to the fact that they see signs of hair growth between the ages of 12- 15, which is usually known as the puberty stage. At this stage, testosterone levels are rising but are not yet at their peak, and that explains why the hair growth is seen to show little by little. The stage is accustomed to having your vellus hair that grows in every part of the body transforms into another class of hair called androgenic hair. This hair, however, is quick to migrate to the catagen stage as they don’t have the stability to last long in the anagen stage.

After this stage, the testosterone level increases and constitutes a rise in the period of the anagen stage. In this new stage, the full adulthood testosterone is not yet harnessed, but something close to it is seen causing the hair to last long in the anagen phase and grow full.

Now between the ages 25 and 35, the testosterone level is highly heightened, which helps the hair stay in the growth phase for a longer time. This period is mostly cherished by men as they can easily grow their beards into any length permitted by their genetics and cut it short as desired. Many say if you joke with this prime stage, you have probably joked with enjoying the beauty of full beards. Yet, many still affirm that their beards do not stop growing even after they have long passed these ages. Also, some others are unique to begin to experience this bloom effect after they are above the ages. So, this age factor still varies from person to person.

2) Genetics

Genetics plays a major part in the growth of your beards and cannot be overlooked. If you have seen your lineage grow full hair without any ache, there is every possibility you will also follow that trend. But if it is the other way, there are still some strategies to help you achieve your beard goal.

Genetically speaking, your beard is an offshoot of what others before you have experienced, which could be baldness and a full beard. Now, it still depends on some other factors you might not see play out in your genetic configuration. This is so because your dad can have a full beard, and you could suffer a different fate. Yet, it is still safe to say genetics is a major pointer to your overall beard wellness.

3) Nutrition

Nutrition is a major emphasis you will need to consider in growing your beard. Why is that? A proper nutrient is directly proportional to a healthy, full beard. Your body will only respond to the beards’ needs if it has found enough nutrients in the body to do so. This simply means that eating the right diet will play a crucial part in the journey to growing your beard.

There are some crucial nutrients you must never miss out on that would help you grow your beards in the healthiest way possible. A complete breakdown of these nutrients will be explained in the diet section below. Still, be intentional about your nutrition as it helps every other part of your body work well.

Head Hair and Face Hair Difference

If you have been a good observer, you will agree that there are differences in the head hair and facial(androgenic) hair even though you might not have biological explanations. Although, they both go through the three phases of hair, yet there are still so many differences that make both of them stand out. No doubt, a good familiarity with these differences will help you know how to take care of them.

One very obvious difference everyone will not skip between the two hair types is the timespan. You might not be able to explain why your beards seem to fall off more quickly than your head hair, but you sure know this truth is evident. Well, from the phases of hair growth elucidated above, the phases of your head hair take up to a year to grow through one cycle. This means the hair follicle takes about one year to move from the anagen stage to the catogen, telogen, then back to another antigen stage. The androgenic hair, on the other hand, just takes a few months to complete one cycle before starting a new hair growth system. Now you know why this happens and have a better way to illustrate this quick shedding. So, you will agree it is not unnatural, except the shedding is more than you can explain, then it needs proper attention.

Another difference between these two types of hair is texture. The androgenic hair has a thin but strong texture that feels different from the thick texture of your head hair. You can try it already to attest to this fact about the difference. But, if you already know this, you will be sure that this distinction, therefore, requires special and unique care to handle both effectively.

Also, the other difference you will notice with these hairs is the skin beneath them. For the facial hair, the skin is somewhat dry, but the head hair has more oil as compared to the former. That is why it is advised to clean your head hair to remove this excess oil and also to oil your beard to create the balance it needs to stay shiny.

The final difference in these hairs is the growth pattern. Your head hair grows out straight except for those with exceptionally curly hair, while the facial hair always grows out curly and indefinite. This, therefore, means that they have unusual ways of tangling and need different brushes to do the detangling. Hence, the best brush that would suit your beard anytime would be a stiff brush because of its curly nature, and a soft brush will do just fine for your head hair maintenance. If you exchange both brushes, you will be doing your hair a lot of harm than you can imagine.

Ways to speed hair growth

You already know the factors that affect hair growths, and you are wondering if there are strategies to adapt to speed the growth of your hair regardless. Well, it is possible to do so, and by using these techniques, your beards will have a happy ending.

1) Supplement

If you want to speed up the growth of your beard, you might want to consider using supplements. Supplements provide your body with the essential vitamins that support the growth of your hair. It also helps to strengthen the structure of the keratin, of which keratin is responsible for the growth of hair, nails, and healthy skin.

The use of supplements, together with a good diet, will give balance to body metabolism and also regulate blood in your body. One supplement that is highly recommended is biotin. The biotin is known to work well with breaking down diet like fat, protein into a substance that will benefit the growth of keratinous elements in the body. So, if you want to grow a healthy beard faster, then supplements should be part of your daily intake to achieve that.

2) Diet

Supplements can never replace adequate dietary intake, but they can only support it. Taking a healthy diet will aid faster growth of beards. How is that? When you eat foods that contain vitamin (A, B, E, and C), protein, magnesium, silica, zinc, and selenium, they help your beard stay longer in the anagen phase, hence, a great chance to grow faster. Proteins especially should be consumed in high quantity as they play a huge part in hastening the growth of your beards.

Some of the foods to include in your next diet plan are eggs, chicken, fish, cheese, milk, yogurt, beans, lean beef, soy milk, seeds, nuts, salmon, and other foods that are rich in proteins. Also, make sure you avoid fried foods as much as possible to limit the amount of fat you take into your body. Other important foods to add to your diet are vegetables and fruits. Yes, these two will do well in speeding up the growth process. Also, include fruits like apples, apricots, bananas, strawberries, and other fruits that contain citrus juice. The vegetables to include are spinach, carrots, tomatoes, pepper, broccoli, legumes, lettuces, and other vegetables you can get easily.

Undoubtedly, your beards will thank you for nourishing it so well with these foods as it will keep growing faster than you expected.

3) Exercise

Exercising helps a whole lot in that speed up process of beard growth. In the process of exercising, your testosterone level gets heightened and thereby sponsoring the movement of blood supply that nourishes your facial hair. It is not magic, but when you follow the process of exercising well, it will certainly work like magic.

Interestingly, increased testosterone targets your facial hair more than any other hair in your body. So, you can be sure that the beard is the only area that would grow faster than it ought to with the exercise.

If you can’t hit the gym so often to exercise those muscles, you can do an indoor workout like squats, bench press, or even try running. But, the type of running advised is the sprint run because you will be giving your body the chance to feel stretched enough to produce testosterone on a higher scale.

Also, your exercising will kill off the stress that tends to work against beard growth. So, you will be removing the blockage caused by stress and increase testosterone by just exercising. Therefore, your beard will not only benefit, but your mind will be glad that it is free from stress buildup.

4) Beard oil

Your beard will grow faster not only with what you take in but also with what you apply to it, and that is why beard oil is important. As much as you just want to leave your beard to grow out with just the food you eat, you will also want to add the oil to prevent dandruff and itches. The idea of using beard oil is to keep you going on the journey to growing your beard without having to cut it off out because of the uncomfortable itching and dry skin. Beard oil comes to the rescue by not just aiding the growth process but keeping it moistened and healthy.

Another reason why beard oil is recommended for beard growth is that it helps the beard grow into a thick, healthy form that is soft to touch. So, you can expect full beards without patches just by regularly applying the beard oil to your beard.

5) Grooming the beard

If you know how to eat a balanced diet, exercise well, and use beard oil without applying a grooming strategy to your beard, you will affect its growth. Because, even after doing all the necessary procedures, your beard can still suffer from breakage if not properly groomed.

The first thing to think of as you attempt to groom your beard is a quality brush. You shouldn’t just use any brush because you feel you just have to brush the beards out, and that is all about it. No! Your beard needs a special type of brush that will not only keep the beard free from tangling but increase the flow of blood to that region.

Also, you will need a beard comb, as this will work hand-in-hand with the brush to smoother your beard and allow it to grow well. Even though a beard comb just helps to style your beard, they also do a great job in beard growth.

Another thing to consider is the method of combing. If you comb harshly, you make your beard susceptible to damage and also draw out hair follicles unknowingly. So, make sure you don’t overdo brushing your hair no matter how soft the brush may look.

6) Relax and rest

After doing all the other recommended criteria for growing your beard faster, top it up with adequate sleep. When you sleep for about 7-8 hours a day, your body responds during that time by reducing your temperature and allowing blood circulates more. Also, your body secretes growth hormones more rapidly when you are asleep. You will also manage stress and stimulate the overall immune system with long hours of sleep.

Plus, you will increase the chances of not only your facial hair growth but also your head hair by sleeping well. Biologically speaking, hair growth is said to be at its crest when you are asleep around 2 am. So, whether you got home late or not, make sure you are relaxed and asleep during these times if you want a full, healthy beard growing at a faster rate.

Minoxidil for Beard Growth

Having read all through the various methods to embrace when trying to grow your beard faster, what if you keep losing hair regardless because your gene will not permit hair growth? Well, if you are on this boat, why not read on to see how best you can deal with cases like this.

If you have tried using other beard growth substances and haven’t seen results, don’t give up yet because Minoxirdi will be your last victory stop. Although Minoxidil is not the trade name, rather Rogaine is, yet, it is the active ingredient used to help treat hair loss. So, whether you hear Rogaine or Minoxidil, both are the same and are just what you need to eliminate hair loss.

Minoxidil works for an enormous number of people, though, not for everyone because it still depends on certain factors that would be highlighted as you read on. But most importantly, this medication will work well if it is dutifully applied.

How it works

Research has proven that Minoxidil acts as a vasodilator which functions by opening hair follicles to receive blood from blood vessels. When this opening is done, the hair follicle can then easily get enough nutrients that allow it to grow, thereby remaining in the anagen stage for a longer time. Since not one hair follicle will receive the flowing blood, other hair roots have equal chances of getting oxygen and blood to grow fuller and healthier.

Also, the effect of the minoxidil on the growth phase will affect the telogen phase, which would be shorter than usual. Therefore, the growing hair in the anagen phase will keep producing for a long time, while the hair that sheds off in the telogen stage is reduced. In a nutshell, you will have a fuller beard with the use of minoxidil.

Who can use it?

The next important question in the minds of many will be if everyone can get the best from this product? Well, some conditions would not permit you to use this product. However, if you are not restricted by the conditions outlined below, you can go ahead and be sure of getting great results.

1) Below age 18

If you are below the age of 18, you are highly advised to stay clear of this product because you are still growing and producing testosterone. The product is meant to correct wrong growth, not when your hair is growing naturally.

2) Family record of hair loss

Your family history tells a lot about what your hair will turn out to be. If you don’t have a history of hair loss in your family, then you should not use the product because you don’t have a reason to do so.

3) Soft scalps

Is your scalp quick to turn red or itch when touched? Or is your scalp prone to being infected? Then this product will not produce the best for you. Your scalp needs to be ready to tolerate the expansion that would occur on the hair follicle without resulting in something worse.

4) Underlying health condition

If you lost your hair because of some health conditions like cancer, thyroid disease, or any other related diseases, you should not use this product. Still, you can ask your physician for more consultation on what to do.

5) Sudden hair loss

If you lost your hair and can’t explain how it happened then, make sure you don’t just start using this product without knowing the cause and consulting with your doctor.

6) Product based hair loss

For those that were not lucky with using some other hair growth product but lost their hair in the process, you should not attempt to use this product to correct that error. This is because you can cause more damage in the process that can be irreversible. Instead, do proper consultation with a professional before using it.

Are there side effects?

There are no products without side effects, no matter how little, so yes! There are side effects that are not peculiar to all users, only a few. All the side effects on this product are not severe and can be overlooked seamlessly. For expansive understanding, the side effects have been grouped into three parts that show the variation that occurs more often to those that are rarely experienced.

Regular side effects;

  • Change in beard color and texture
  • Itchiness
  • Rash growth

Not too Regular side effect

  • Skin redness
  • Face swelling
  • The spread of acne around the applied area
  • Growth of hair in all part of the body
  • Minor headache and pains in the chest region
  • Tiredness
  • Development of spots in the eye area
  • Skin becomes duller

Rare side effects

  • Heartbeats become irregular
  • Weight gain becomes rapid
  • Blurry visions
  • Serious rashes
  • Nauseating feeling and vomiting
  • Serious chest pains
  • Fainting (very rare)

All these side effects shouldn’t scare you off because the least of these effects do not affect everyone. So, you can be fortunate not to face any side effects at all. However, if you face any, especially the rare side effect, make an intentional move to see the doctor. More so, check through the composition of the product together with your physician to be sure you aren’t allergic to any to prevent the side effects mentioned above.

How to use Minoxidil effectively

It is an aberration to know what Minoxidil is used for and not know how to effectively use it. Follow this approach and beard on in grand style.

1) Start by cleaning your face

You won’t be using soap and water to do the cleaning but a pH cleanser. This cleanser helps to give your skin the balance it needs to absorb the medication without irritating. The reason for this is because minoxidil products are known to contain certain ingredients (alcohol and propylene glycol) that are major irritants to the skin and can, therefore, cause uncomfortable side effects. Hence, it is best to reduce the chances of these ingredients causing any irritation at all.

2) Apply the product

The minoxidil can come in either foam or oil form, but any of these forms should be applied as recommended. If you are using the oil form, you will have a dropper attached to the product that helps you take a measured quantity for use. Then you can rub it well with your hands, so it reaches every area of your beard.

The other form, which is the foam, doesn’t require a dropper. All you need is to use your hand to take the already measured quantity from the cap of the bottle. After taking it, apply to all the parts of your beard region without leaving out any spot. Also, make sure you strictly follow the prescription dose as failure to do so can result in side effects.

3) Leave for absorption

Whether it is the oil or foam application you did, you would still have to allow your skin to absorb it, which will take time. The least time it takes for this absorption to be done is 4 hours. But if you are worried about the time limit because of your busy schedule, then apply before bedtime instead. This way, you will give the skin more time to do justice to the oil without affecting your schedule.

Nevertheless, you have to be careful not to leave it there for too long before washing it off with water. If it stays on for a longer time, it will cause your skin to become dryer and result in a parched face.

4) Moisturize

After washing off your face with water, don’t just leave it bare but apply moisturizer to prevent further dry out that alcohol can cause. For any moisturizer, you will be using, make sure it contains hyaluronic acid as this will help refresh the skin and kill off the effect induced by the ingredients in the oil.

No doubt, in four weeks, you will have a good minoxidil beard that is full and healthy, and all you have to do is apply twice daily and follow every guideline religiously.

Styles of Beards and How They Are Groomed

There are so many ways to groom your beard into the style that suits you, and this section will give you a complete guide on how to get started in no time.

1) Corporate beard

If you want to grow a beard that would fit in well into your workplace, the best style to opt-in for is the corporate beard. This type of beard will make you look more confident and usher in that ready-to-work look everyone will want to see. But if you want to argue this, do a quick spy on Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sach CEO, and see for yourself how audacious he looks in his corporate beard.

How to groom your corporate beard

The first thing to do if you are just starting in growing a corporate beard is to move away from the blades for 4-6 weeks. This period, your beard will come out in its glory and would be expecting a definition which you would give after six weeks.

Next off is the maintenance stage

Your beard has grown out to the desired length, and you want to maintain a particular structure. This would be done by shaving along your beard neckline only. Try as much as possible not to leave out any hair at the wrong places since you are going for the corporate style.

Also, consider your upper cheeks as you shave. Create a clean margin to avoid unevenness in your beard. If you would need assistance for a smoother job, don’t hesitate as you don’t want your cheeks to look tatty.

2) Van Dyke Beard

This is one classy beard that sends off a sophisticated message to your onlookers. If you want to try to create this style with your beards, follow these five steps, and be committed to the whole process.

Step 1: Combing and trimming

First, you comb your beards carefully downwards and if you have a mustache, comb it as well. After that, focus on trimming the mustache in a slant form using a beard trimmer, then end the trim on your jaw.

Step 2: Symmetry formation

During and after trimming, be careful of the symmetry as it is very crucial while forming this style. The lines that are just beneath your jaw bone would be used to create this symmetry. Try to connect the line with your neckline and watch intently to see the arc form.

Step 3: Removal of excess hair

Without touching the already outlined line, shave off excess hair on your neck and cheeks, and keep the mustache and beard intact.

Step 4: Styling

Now is the time to give your beard the Van dyke style. The mustache around the side of your lips should be carefully distinguished from the beard by a small gap that is not too obvious. Then comb the mustache out to form the shape you want.

Step 5: Tidying your beards

Use a rotary shaver to do the last touches to your Van dyke style. The shaver should be used to trim the hair both beneath your jaw and your chin. Finally, your beard is ready to rock.

Beard care routine

When you want to take care of any styles of these beards, you can either consider using beard oil or balm. Even after choosing any of these two, you still need to put into consideration the other additives like beard brushes and dye for a brighter look. Follow through these sections to see the best beard balm, how to use it, and what to use it with.

Beard balm

Having just one beard balm product in your beard kit will save you from a lot of itching, breakage, and dandruff that the basic aftershave can cause. However, you need to be careful in choosing the right beard balm as this is very important. One way to quickly spot a good balm is by checking what it does. If it doesn’t just moisturize but keeps it healthy, then it has passed for a quality beard balm. You can then decide to call it the best beard balm or not.

The next concern is how the beard balm can be used. Luckily, you will read the complete step by step procedure on how best to apply it.

How to use a beard balm

1) Use a finger to scoop it

You won’t be needing any additional tool aside from your finger to take the balm out of the container. You can decide to use your thumb or index finger of which any will do just great in scooping. Also, make sure to take not so much balm as just little is enough depending on your beard length and volume.

2) Rub it between your palms

Your palms would do justice to melting the balm by rubbing it for a few seconds until it turns oily. Remember not to overdo the rubbing as you still have to apply it to your beards.

3) Rub on your beards

With your hand in a flat position, rub the balm into your beard deeply. You are not trying to wash your beard, so you don’t have to apply force, gently rub every angle till the balm penetrates in.

4) Brush in the balm

Having rubbed it in with your palms, the balm might not still be evenly distributed; therefore, complete it with a beard comb. The comb will help distribute the balm throughout your beard.

By using a beard balm, your beard will benefit a lot from soft beards to well-moisturized beards and also a highly hydrated beard.

Beard comb

Why the beard comb is a crucial addition to your beard routine cannot be overemphasized. Even though it has more common use like to combing and styling, yet, it does more than that. Aside from distributing oil or balm, it also has some five other benefits listed below.

  • Prevention of underlying hair growth
  • Detangling hair and cleaning the hair
  • Aids grooming beards
  • Helps to grow out more hair
  • Supports your hair growth in the right direction

Beard dye

You will save yourself of the stress of looking around for a dye when you already have one in your kit. The beard dye doesn’t just help you maintain your beard color or change it, but it also keeps it healthy. Also, they will not wash off easily when water or sweat touches them.

Bonus- styling a mustache

If you also want to grow a mustache alongside your beard, then check out how to style it in these three ways.

1) Walrus Mustache

When you see a thick bushy hair on the upper lip of a man that drops forward, you have successfully recognized the walrus mustache. This mustache style is unique to the walrus becomes of the way it appears to be styled. This mustache truly gives room for the hair to grow out without restriction as it tends to just fall to keep it in shape.

If you want to take up this style, first consider your face shape. If you have a long face, you should try something else. But, if your face is just a little bit round and large, it would suit you well.

How to style a walrus mustache

The first step to take when you want to grow a walrus mustache is a step of patience. Yes, you will need a lot of patience to allow it to grow to a long length before moving on to styling it. It could take several months but just allow it to grow out in its full glory, even if it covers your upper lips. The fullness is needed to achieve the walrus style you want to cut.

After that, not much is required other than to use a good comb to style it into the shape you want. You have to be consistent in combing it all out every day and keeping it in shape by trimming it. There you have it, your walrus mustache in just two steps.

2) Beardstache

Ever heard of a beardstache? Well, if you have, you would also know that it is a combination of a mustache and a part of your beard called stubble. This style, therefore, brings you into enjoying both your mustache and beard together without having to think of restyling. Your face just has to be rectangular or squarely to fit into the style of beardstache. Regardless, you can try it on and be confident in how you look.

How to style a beardstache

Start with allowing your mustache to grow well but observing its growth. You need to do this because you don’t want your mustache to exceed the required length you want to achieve. The longest your mustache should get to would be just beside your mouth. If it goes beyond there to somewhat like your lower lips or jawline, you won’t be calling it a beardstsche any longer.

Until it grows into that length, you might want to keep the trimmer away. But if it tries to go beyond, quickly attend to it with any quality trimmer and do justice to it as often as possible. Although many advise you do the trimming daily, yet you can do it as time permits, but not more than three days.

2) Chevron mustache

The chevron mustache is one mustache style that demands lots of attention and care. If forms like the other mustache but becomes distinct from others when it is fully styled. Interestingly, it fits almost all types of face shape but more for the oval shape.

How to style a chevron mustache

Just like the walrus mustache, you should let the forming chevron mustache grow straight out while you keep off from shaving it. Not until it has dropped down your lips, allow it to grow.

When you are seeing it cover your lips, take a trimmer and cut it short, allowing your lips show and your cheeks clean. Consider cleaning the sides of your mouth very well to avoid it resembling another mustache style. After then, keep it smooth by brushing it daily and trimming when necessary.


No doubt, all your questions by now on how to grow a beard and how long it takes are explicitly answered. You have steadily been taken through several guidelines on what you need to take to aid the process of beard growth. Remember to consult your doctor when you want to start using any medication that aids hair growth, as this will help avoid some negative possibility.

Also, feel free to try out any beard style and do well to include the necessary tools like balm, oil, comb into your beard kit for proper maintenance of the stylish beard. Your beard will love you for it.

If you also want to add a mustache to your beard, choose one of the styles listed above, and you can always change it whenever you want. It is all up to you to decide. Style up and beard on, you deserve it.


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