A Beginners Guide About How to Groom Men’s Eyebrows (2020)

How to Groom Men's Eyebrows

How to Groom Men’s Eyebrows

Hair grooming is fast becoming a vital part of men’s lives, and it’s all for the better. The beards, moustache, hairstyle, and even nasal hair often take precedence during grooming sessions; eyebrows get left behind and generally ignored. What many do not know, however, is that the eyebrows are as important during grooming as beards and hairstyles. How to Groom Men’s Eyebrows.


The eyebrows make up significant features of the face. Imagine a face without eyebrows or how a person’s face takes on different expressions just by twitching them. Taking care of your eyebrows and making them look good will enhance the overall appearance of your face. Bushy, unkept, and sloppy brows never look good; that’s why you need to groom them.

How to Groom Men's Eyebrows

Trimming Routine And The Shape Of Your Eyebrows


Trimming your eyebrows trimmed and good looking should be a top priority for you. As much as you groom your beards and hair, you should also make cutting your brows a routine to keep them looking good and well-shaped. As you age, your eyebrows continue to grow and become bushier, which is one reason you should make trimming them a part of your regular grooming routine. Women can easily change the shape of their brow to alter their appearance, but men are better off with more natural-looking eyebrows. So, when grooming your eyebrows, you don’t want to trim off too much or change the shape to ensure it keeps looking as natural as possible. Altering your eyebrows’ shape and weight too much can result in ‘brows that don’t look masculine.


You also need to become familiar with your eyebrows: what is its shape? How far out do they stretch from the face? What is their thickness? How close together do they come across the bridge of the nose? That’s why it is vital to know the right tools and techniques required for the job.


To keep your eyebrows clean, natural, and masculine, you need to trim and get rid of the excess weight from them. When you remove excess hair from your eyebrows, you immediately get a neater and cleaner look. Remove hair outliers to give you a better’ brow weight. Be very careful, though, as you don’t want to take out too much. If you want a more defined look, you should visit a professional.


By establishing a set routine, you can keep your eyebrows growth in check. Eyebrow grooming may not be as easy as it looks, but by understanding the process and following working processes, you will be able to achieve neater and well-shaped brows.

Ground Rules for Shaping Your Eyebrows


Knowing that your eyebrows need to be trimmed is one thing; knowing how to trim them properly is a different ball-game. There are specific rules you must know and keep in mind as regards trimming your eyebrows and keeping them nice-looking:How to Groom Men’s Eyebrows.


  1. Both eyebrows should look the same. Many would indeed argue vehemently that your eyebrows don’t have to look the same (the general conception is that they should look like brothers, not identical twins). However, symmetry is quite essential when dealing with your eyebrows. Each eyebrow should be similar to the other. It may seem like a difficult feat to achieve, but you can get those perfect brows with practice and patience. Or you visit a professional to fix them right for you.


  1. Keep them away from each other. You want two separate eyebrows and not one brow. The “universal brow or union brow” is not a good look to rock, maybe in the 1800s, but not today. Great looking eyebrows come in pairs, so you want to make sure that some skin is showing between your brows. Careful grooming using trimming, threading, or waxing methods can help you create the separation you need between your eyebrows.


  1. Let your eyebrows be wider, not taller. Tall eyebrows are more feminine than masculine, so if you are looking to achieve well-groomed masculine eyebrows, you want to make sure that they look more expansive, not taller. Your eyebrows should arch over your eyes to frame them, and it doesn’t matter the shape of your eyebrows as this trick works for all brow shapes.


  1. Your eyebrows should be of uniform length. This should go without saying, but your eyebrows should have the same length. Again, this may seem almost impossible to do, but it is crucial in your eyebrow grooming process. You want to ensure that the length of your eyebrow hairs is not too long, but you need not trim them to become too short either. This will also require patience and the right tools to enable you to achieve the desired results. Consider visiting a professional if you can’t handle it.


Selecting Your Eyebrow Trimming Option


There are several options available that you can use for trimming your eyebrows. Each one with it’s associating factors. You would also need to consider how much money you are willing to spend, how much discomfort you are ready to endure, how long you want the results to last, etc. You may be tempted to go the quick and easy way by just shaving them as you would shave your beard, but that would result in your eyebrows having blunt ends that are rough, which is generally not a good look. Also, you stand the risk of shaving off too much hair.How to Groom Men’s Eyebrows.


To avoid that, here are several methods you can use to trim your eyebrows:


  • Trimming:

One of the fastest ways of grooming eyebrows that look neat and clean is by trimming. It is an excellent way to reduce excess weight from your eyebrows and reduce hair lengths, although they may not be the best choice for shaping the brows. Some of the best brands of mustache and beard trimmers can work correctly for trimming eyebrows, or you can use a pair of scissors that have been specially designed for nipping at stray hairs.


Before you begin trimming, you may want to take a hot shower or use a hot, wet cloth and apply on your brows to soften the hair and open up your pores. Use a small comb to comb and push your eyebrow hair upwards, then carefully use the scissors to trim the excess hairs. You can also use the small comb to hold the hair in place while you trim. Ensure you start trimming from the outer part of your eyebrows’ end and cut the top’s long hairs. When you are sure that they are even, comb the hairs back down and check for long hairs that face your eyelids. Trim any stray hairs until they all align with the bottom part of your eyebrows.


  • Threading:

Threading is a process of removing unwanted hair that has its origins from the Middle East and some parts of Asia. It involves a simple process, although it may seem daunting, and some say it is less painful than any other method of hair removal. In this case, pain is relative. Threading involves the use of twisted cotton threads to remove unwanted hair in a smooth and straight line.


This process is more precise than waxing because it allows for more control that allows a person to capture more hair without damaging any surrounding skin. It is believed that threading has a longer-lasting effect than most other methods, but that varies from one technician to another. Also, it is important to note that threading requires a professional and is not a DIY activity. Hence, it will be a good option for men who don’t mind leaving their homes for their grooming routines. Because it is a professional task, the prices may also differ.How to Groom Men’s Eyebrows.


  • Tweezing:

Tweezing is a fantastic way to give your eyebrows definition and achieve more precise grooming. Tweezing involves removing hairs individually, and for many, it is sufficient for keeping the eyebrows neat and clean. This method allows you to remove hairs one at a time to achieve perfect results that you can maintain at home at no extra cost. Tweezing is ideal for men who do not have a lot of hair and always want a perfect finish.


One thing about tweezing is that it is time-consuming and has the tendency to be uncomfortable because it requires plucking hairs one after another. When using this method, be careful not to remove too many hairs or alter the eyebrows’ shape. First, to pluck your eyebrows, comb the hairs upwards to expose the stray hairs that need to be plucked. Ensure you are using the right tools and start from the bottom to pluck out the stray hairs carefully. With tweezing, you can easily and quickly remove any hairs that may cause the unflattering unibrow. Be careful though, ensure you pull the hairs from the roots to avoid breakage and bumps.


  • Waxing:

Everyone can agree that waxing is not for the faint of heart, but it is an effective eyebrow grooming method. Waxing is useful for pulling out multiple hairs at a time for a super clean finish. This eyebrow grooming method is excellent for men who have a lot of hair that needs to be removed and have fast natural hair growth. However, waxing effects can last between a few weeks to a couple of months and mainly depend on hair growth speed. It is also perfect for removing hairs between brows that can result in unibrows.


Waxing eyebrows involves applying a layer of wax over the hair portion and peeling it off quickly in the opposite direction. A person can choose to use cold wax or have the wax heated up before applying. Many believe that cold wax is more painful than hot wax, and it may be challenging to get a thin layer with hot wax. The process of stripping off the wax pulls out hair from the roots, resulting in pain. Waxing also allows you to pull off multiple strands at a time to give a clean finish. There are home waxing kits available in the market, but if you don’t want to strip off all your eyebrows accidentally, you should consider visiting a professional.


Choosing the Best Eyebrow Shape For You


In the same manner that not all eyebrow shapes can suit a woman, that rule also applies to men. Not all eyebrow shapes are great for every shape of the face. You want to be sure that the eyebrow shape you opt for will complement the shape of your face. Here are the four main face shapes and the eyebrows that complement them:


  • Oval Face: Oval face shape is possibly the most common type of face shape. This face shape is narrower at the chin than it is at the forehead. Oval faces are proportional and usually feature a high cheekbone. Straight and flat eyebrows usually work best for oval faces. This makes the face look rounder and balanced.


  • Square Face: People with square face have strong jawlines, broad foreheads, and square chin. For square-faced people, the width and length of the face are proportional. For square faces, a rounder eyebrow will suit just fine as it helps to balance out the overall shape of the face. You want to ensure your eyebrows are in line with your frontal bone and tapered at the ends. Be careful when shaping the eyebrows to achieve a round look as too much roundness is more suitable for women.


  • Round Face: Round faces have fuller cheeks and few angles. It also has the same length and width. An eyebrow shape with angles will be best for a round face to balance out the face’s roundness. It will also make the eyes stand out more. Opt for a soft, angular brow shape if you have a round face.


  • Heart-shaped Face: This face shape has wide cheekbones and a broad forehead with a narrow, small chin. Heart-shaped faces have more options with their eyebrows. You can trim them to result in smooth lines and soft curves or give them a slight bend. Be careful of the arch though.


Whatever method you choose to use, remember not to overdo it because it is easier to trim off extra-long and bushy hairs, but you can’t get back until after a while.

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