How to Trim & Shape a Beard Neckline (Updated 2021)

How to Trim & Shape a Beard Neckline

How to Trim & Shape a Beard Neckline

How To Trim & Shape a Beard Neckline? Do you want to know the bitter truth? The fact is that nothing good can come from a neckbeard. When those beards start racing toward your neck like zombies, fighting to greet your chest beards, it is nothing but a huge turn-off.

It makes you look unkempt, which is certainly not the look you should be aiming for as a man. After all, you want to exude this air of confidence and masculinity, not murder it by growing a neckbeard. It doesn’t look professional and makes you look like an ape-man.

If you don’t want to ruin that perfect and beautiful beard of yours, there is a need to learn how to trim and shape the perfect beard neckline. When you master this overlooked aspect of your grooming, you’ll discover you’re looking much better, professional, and sharper.

However, trimming and shaping your beard neckline can be tricky, being the reason many men often ignore it.

But that is not an excuse to look like a homeless ape, as this article is going to guide you on the right way to trim and shape your beard neckline. You don’t even need to visit the barbershop, since you can do this at home and save costs. Without wasting time, let’s begin!

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How to Trim & Shape a Beard Neckline

1. Define your neckline

It is the most crucial step if you must get it right. Defining your neckline will help you trim your neckline correctly without any mistake. Take note that your neckline will vary from the guy in the next cubicle. So, never assume or use someone else’s neckline to define yours.

Another factor you must consider is your style of beard, as it also determines how your neckline is defined. When you consider all these, it will help you tidy up your beard to look its best. Remember that a poorly defined neckline is nothing but disaster and would ruin your entire look.

You probably want to avoid that, and thus, should use these methods to define your beard neckline.

These methods have been tried and proven to work, as many men are using it to trim and shape the perfect neckline that turns heads. Isn’t that what you want?

So, here are two methods you can use to find your beard neckline:

  • The Two-Finger Technique

Finding your neckline entails using your fingers, index, and middle fingers above your Adam’s apple to find your neckline. Take note that your fingers, when compared with another, vary in width. So does your neckline. However, you can use this excellent method to find your neckline, thereby allowing you to trim and shape your beard neckline without mistake.

  • Double Chin Method

Although you might not like how you’ll look when you do this, but don’t worry, as it’s merely to find your neckline and nothing more. Create a temporary double chin and by moving your chin toward your neck. It will create a double chin, which runs the entire length of your jaw. To trim and shape the perfect beard neckline, shave off anything below the neckline that you’ve created with the double chin. When done, quickly lift your chin to get rid of that ugly looking double chin.

2. Choose Your Tools

A farmer needs his hoe and cutlass to work; the same way, you’ll need some specific tools to trim and shape that beard neckline. There are many tools out there, and some of them can get the job done without hassles. However, you must go for quality and reliable ones that feels comfortable to use.

So, here are some of the tools you need to achieve that perfectly trimmed and shaped beard neckline.

  • Beard Trimmer

There are many beard trimmers in the market, and they come in various prices, functionality, and design. One important feature to look out for is the blade quality. Always go for stainless, chromium, and titanium since they tend to last longer and executes a clean job.

Also, consider if you’re going for cord or cordless. If you’re going for cordless, that means it will run on battery. Make sure that the battery capacity is impressive and durable. Furthermore, you’ll need a versatile trimmer. That way, you can use it for other purposes too, like trimming your beard, mustache, or body hairs.

To get the best deal, you can order some trimmer online from your favorite online store like Amazon, Alibaba, and so on. Most of these platforms offer discounts, which you might not get from your local store.

  • Razor

There are lots of men who prefer to trim and shape their beard neckline with a razor. Just like a trimmer, there are lots of options for you. Some men prefer to use safety razors, and that’s because it’s easy to use and super comfortable. Since the blade is locked at the edge, cuts and nicks are prevented, making it an ideal choice for starters.

Another razor option to consider is the cartridge razor, but you’ll be buying the cartridge and the razor separately. The cartridge ensures that cuts and nicks are reduced to the barest minimum, and it is easy to use and control. The only downside is that the cartridge can cost a lot more, but its result is worth the price.

Other types of razors that you can consider is the electric razor and the straight razor. However, the latter is a vintage tool and is best for professionals who know what they are doing. If you’re a starter, an electric razor will help you get the job done.

  • Beard Shaper

Another incredible tool that you can use to trim and shape your beard neckline is a beard shaper. It is a plastic tool, which you can use to achieve a variety of neckline styles. With this fantastic tool, shaping your neckline becomes a hundred times easier.

When grooming to bring the neckline in order, don’t forget to bring out your beard comb and a mirror. It will help you achieve that stunning look that will make you proud of yourself.

3. Shaping Your Neckline

Now that you’ve defined your neckline and have the necessary tools, it’s time to trim and shape. For the best result, it is recommended you use a trimmer. A good quality trimmer will do most of the work, and you don’t even need to apply pressure.

Since this might probably be your first time trimming and shaping your beard neckline, the following tips will help you achieve a neat and professional-looking neckline.

  • Avoid Going Too High

You probably do not want your neckline intruding on your chin, as that will give the illusion of your face being more significant than the rest of your body. Make sure you define your neckline using the two methods discussed earlier in this article. That way, you wouldn’t make any mistakes.

  • Raise Your Chin

When you start to trim, raise your chin while using your two fingers to lift your chin tight as you trim. It will ensure you don’t cut yourself or miss a spot as you trim. If you’re using a beard trimmer, it makes the process easy, and you’re less likely to cut yourself.

  • Your Trimmer’s Length

Just like most men often do, you might have to keep the length of your neckline and your neck shorter than your beard. Since that is the case, set your trimmer at slightly two levels lower than your beard.

4. Flow With The Grain, Not Against It

If you don’t want to spring up issues for yourself, ensure you go with the grain and not against it. Going against it might cause ingrown hair, which can take a toll on your skin. Most of the time, starters go against the rule and end up blaming their tool. The tool is not the problem, but rather your manner of trimming.

To achieve a smooth trim, go with the grain until you’re done. That way, you wouldn’t aggravate the skin or mess up your neckline. One of the quickest ways to determine an amateur from a professional is how they handle the grain. By incorporating this tip, you might become a professional even though you’re just a starter.

5. Create A Natural Fade

Men with long beards don’t have much work to do since their neckline is less visible or profound. If your beard isn’t that long yet, then you’ve got work to do. You don’t need to panic, as this is easy to do. What a neckline fade does is to give you a natural and subtle look that blends with your beards.

How this happens is simple: your hair gradually increases in length from the bottom of your neckline to your cheek, thereby creating that subtle fade that enhances your appearance.

It makes sense when you think about it since your cheek has the most hairs, and your neckline doesn’t. If you’re ready to create that neckline fade, the tips below will serve as a guide.

  • Set your trimmer two steps lower than your beard if you must create a low beard neckline.
  • For the area above your Adam Apple, use the shorter setting for the rear end of your neckline.
  • The area closest to your chin is often described as the upper half of your neckline; use the original settings to create a natural and subtle fade.

To keep maintaining this fade, you’ll need to take your time and give it your best. When done well, it will utterly enhance your appearance and make you look sharp and stunning. Ensure that you achieve a perfect trim and shave up stray or unruly hairs below your neckline. That is the finishing touch you need to create a perfect looking beard neckline.

6. A Mistake Can Happen

What do you do when you make a mistake with your neckline? A handful of people will scream and smash their trimmer. But please don’t do that; all hope is not lost. You can fix this mistake, and it includes stopping shaving for at least a week. Men with long beards can decide to trim a little, thereby allowing new hair to blend with existing ones.

Mistakes do happen, and they are part of life. Please don’t beat yourself up when they do, but instead, allow them a few weeks to grow back. To minimize this from ever happening, use a beard shaping tool. With a shaping tool, you can achieve the perfect trimmed beard neckline.

A curved size beard shaper might be best for you, and it is very comfortable to hold. When placed, shave everything below and above the tool to get an excellent looking beard neckline.

7. Don’t Neglect Aftercare

After trimming and shaping your beard, do you throw in the towel and call it game over? What you do after trimming and shaping your neckline determines the overall health of your facial hair.

Here are some of the tips you need to adopt after trimming your beard neckline. That way, you don’t have any issues with your neckline or overall facial hair.

  • Close The Pores

Trimming and shaping your neckline is best done when you’re out of the shower. That is because your pores are open, making it easy to cut without any hurdles. But after a shave or a trim, it is also essential that you close the pores. You can do this by applying cold water or some alcohol-free aftershave.

  • Use Beard Product

There are lots of beard products in the market that you can use to maintain your neckline. Any quality beard wash or beard shampoo will do the trick. There are also numerous others like beard oil and beard balm, which facilitates a healthy beard.


Trimming and shaping the perfect beard neckline is not hard. It is easy when you follow the right guide that is well detailed and illustrative. As you might already know, a well-trimmed and shaped beard neckline is what makes your facial hair either attractive or unkempt.

So, never neglect the neckline while taking care of your beard and mustache. Before you go, how do you maintain your neckline, and which technique do you use to achieve a perfect beard neckline?


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