How to Trim Your Mustache: An Illustrated Guide in 2021

How to Trim Your Mustache

How To Trim Your Mustache

It was as if the mustache lost its way, making those who have it look like cave dwellers stuck in the 70s. Modern fashion trends can be dominating, but there is a comeback as men are beginning to rock their mustache despite popular trends being projected by teens stars like K-pop.

However, it is one thing to rock a mustache, but it’s an entirely different ball game to rock something that makes you look like a homeless pig. You need to maintain your mustache to give off the alluring aura and confidence you aim to exhibit.

Having a mustache doesn’t have to make you look like one who has lost touch with reality. In this article, you’ll learn some incredible techniques you can implore to look damn good with a mustache. When you trim your mustache the right way, you’ll look up to date and super attractive.

Without further ado, let’s get to the business of the day on how to trim your mustache and look dope. A word of caution, get ready for the ladies, as they will be flocking around you like a moth to a flame. That’d be super cool, right?

How to Trim Your Mustache

1.Let It Grow

Breaking news, your mustache needs to grow before you can think of trimming, right? Of course, that makes sense, or do you want to trim your skin? Your mustache needs to grow fully and thick if you’re going to get an impressive and well-trimmed mustache. So, you’d need to be patient and incorporate some healthy tips that will help your mustache grow. It will entail investing in some virgin coconut oil, exercises, and a healthy diet.

That brings us to an essential question: how long will it take your mustache to grow? There is no straightforward answer, but it can range from two to four weeks. But then again, a lot of factors are at play, like genetics. The guy next door can get a full mustache within a week, while yours could take forever even to get noticed.

Besides genetics, you can give it a hand by indulging in some aerobic activities that facilitate proper blood circulation and nutrients. Also, try to ensure that your diet is rich in vitamins and minerals like biotin and vitamin B2. Other essential vitamins include vitamins A, C, and E, which helps to grow facial hairs.

Lastly, ensure you have good quality sleep and give your mustache time to grow. When you trim your beard when it’s full and thick, only then will you be impressed by the result.

2.Trim Preparation

Before you delve into the activity of trimming your mustache, you need adequate preparation. That way, you don’t make any mistakes. Without proper preparation, you are prone to making mistakes, which you don’t want.

Preparation entails ensuring that all the tools needed to trim your mustache are available. That will include a beard comb, scissors, a mirror, and a beard trimmer. Once you’ve got these essential tools, find a well-lit area for the trimming.

You can do this outdoor, in the bathroom or sink. Find an appropriate place where you can dispose of your snipped mustache hair. Remember, only use tools that you’re comfortable with. Some men prefer to use scissors, while some prefer a beard trimmer.

If this is your first time, using scissors might be ideal to avoid cutting more than you want. When you’re finally ready to trim, follow the tips below for an impressive looking mustache.

The Right Way To Trim A Mustache

There is no right or wrong way to trim a mustache. You also do not want to hack it up and look like a homeless person. Also, the method and manner you trim your mustache depend on the kind of mustache you want. The way you cut your mustache will differ from the person next door. Some men will need a little trim to look their best, while those with thicker mustache will have more work to do.

Many men trim their mustache in a way that it drops down their upper lip. Unless that’s the mustache you’re aiming for, it might get in the way when you’re eating. If you don’t wash your mustache before eating, you might discover that some rats are even hiding beneath your mustache. While you shouldn’t allow your mustache to drop to your upper lip, you also do not want to cut them in excess, as that might look ridiculous.

Start The Process With A Comb

If you want to achieve a good job trimming your mustache, you need to start by combing your mustache as it makes the whole process easier. By combing your mustache, you straighten it and make it easier to cut. Comb downward, as such, a technique help resolve wiry stray hairs and split ends. Also, you’ll be able to determine the actual length of your mustache

Also, it would be best if you used a good and high-quality comb for this purpose. Use a comb specially designed for a mustache. When you use the right comb, it makes trimming your mustache much easier. Never use these plastic combs often gotten from a drugstore or mini-mart, since they always fail to give the desired result.

When going for a comb, here are some tips that will help you choose the best.

  • The Teeth Width

The wider the width of the comb, the better. The reason for this is because the hair on your face is thicker and coarse. That is true compared to the ones on your scalp. Using a narrow teeth comb will damage your mustache since it will be hard to pull through your mustache hair. When you force your mustache with such thin comb teeth, you’re likely to damage your facial hair.

  • What It’s Made Of

Another thing to consider is the material it is made of. Avoid plastic combat at all cost, and instead, go for wood. There are numerous wood combs in the market, with their different teeth width. They are often the best, especially the hand-cut combs. Another type of comb best for facial hair is cellulose acetate, and they are rubber-like.

Cut Across Your Upper Lips And Upper Area Of Your Mustache

Now that you’re ready to trim, begin by cutting the hairs close to your upper lips. You can use a trimmer, but scissors will be preferably for starters. That way, you wouldn’t cut more than it’s required by mistake. The amount of hair you cut is entirely up to you and the type of mustache you want. If you’re going to use a trimmer, be gentle and pull it away to cut.

Starting from the outside edges of your mustache and walking your way through the center will ensure you get a clean job. When you’re done with the other half, start the other half and walk your path to the middle. That is how you trim a mustache that looks attractive and beautiful.

When you’re done trimming the upper lips of your mustache, the next step is to move to the upper area of your mustache and do a trim. You can use any tool of your choice, either scissors or a trimmer. Ensure you trim the region just below your nose, to avoid creating the illusion that your mustache is an extension of your nose hair. You’ll agree that nose hairs are repulsive and a huge turn-off.

Your mustache can be cut in a 45 degree since it gives your mustache this full look that you’ll admire. However, the way you trim your mustache depends on the style you have in mind.

Getting Rid Of Mustache’s Bulk

Perhaps genetics blessed you with a bushy mustache, that doesn’t mean you’re going to intimidate other men with it. You’ll end up looking like a homeless junky who has lost touch with reality. There is a thin line between a bushy mustache and one that is thin. Your goal should be striking a balance. While trimming your mustache, make sure that you don’t trip over the fine line.

If your mustache is thick, use scissors and a comb to reduce the thickness. Comb it upwards while you cut the hairs that go beyond the comb’s edges using scissors. If you’re more comfortable using a trimmer, please go ahead. Ensure you don’t cut too much or too little, but to strike a balance. If you’re not sure, it’s better you cut less than to cut more.

When you cut more, you can’t replace it. But cut little, and gradually work your way till the desirable look. When you’re done, comb your mustache and see if there are stray or unruly hairs remaining. If there is, your scissors is always up to the rescue.

Have A Plan Before You Style Your Mustache

There are hundreds of mustache styles out there. Believe it or not, not all of them will suit you or your personality. A rule of thumb is often to conduct your research and to discover that ideal mustache style that fits. Also, the thickness of your mustache will determine the type of mustache you’ll rock, and they come with their various methods for styling them.

Take note that some mustache requires minimal trimming, while others rely heavily on shaping. These are some of the factors you need to consider before you consider rocking a mustache of your choice. There are also come mustache that needs some specific hair products to maintain, while some don’t. Through your research, you should know what is required of a mustache and then determine if you’re up for it.

Before you even start growing your mustache, you need to know the style of mustache you want. That way, you’ll be able to follow the right method of styling that gives you the result you’re looking for.

Choosing The Right Tools For Trimming Your Mustache

No matter how professional you are, the wrong tool can make you look like an amateur. If you must achieve that incredible look that you’ve envisioned, then you need to use the right tools for your mustache. In this section, you’re going to learn some tips that would guide you in getting the best tools.

1. The Quality Of Your Blade

Your trimmer is only considered plausible if the blade is right and of excellent quality. A quality blade is what sets aside a professional-looking mustache from one that doesn’t look so good. In that case, go for stainless steel blades since they hardy rust and always get the job done.

2. Versatility

Unless you have the bucks and don’t mind going for dedicated trimmers for your mustache, you can save a lot of money going for versatile trimmers. These trimmers can handle various functions, like your beard, body hairs, eyebrows, and mustache. When you’re in the market for trimmers, versatility is something you need to consider.

3. Cord Or Cordless

Another factor to consider when buying a trimmer is if it’s cord or cordless. A cordless trimmer ensures that you’re able to move without restriction, which means it will run on battery. In that case, does the battery last? If it’s a corded trimmer, consider the length, and make sure it wouldn’t affect your maneuverability.

4. Design

You’ll need something sleek and comfortable, and there are lots of them in the market. Some trimmers have all the bells and whistles, and they often cost more. Your budget will determine which one you go for.

5. Price

Trimmers come in various prices and functionality, and your budget will determine which one you go for. Sometimes, getting them online can be cheaper since browsing through different sellers is fast and easy. That way, you’re most likely to come across a good deal. Who knows, you might even be lucky to get a discount coupon.


Trimming your mustache doesn’t have to be rocket science. With adequate preparation and the right tool, you’ll achieve that fabulous look you’ve been dreaming of. Mustache is back, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t join the trend. Not only does it make you more masculine, but you also become super attractive and confident. So, what is your mustache routine, and which one would you recommend?


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