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The Manscaping Manual

As long as you’re male, there are some activities you might never want to delegate to people. Imagine having your balls being shaved by another. The idea alone is cringe and unimaginable. Thus, knowing the way around your body is a skill you’ll cherish in the long run.

The big question is: What is manscaping? In a simple term, manscaping is the art of grooming men’s hair. Many men often think that manscaping involves just shaving your public regions.

Although it is one aspect of manscaping, it isn’t a complete idea if it doesn’t deal with general body hairs. Any grooming, whether in the leg, arm, chest, or back, counts as manscaping.

So when you’re doing any of these activities, you have successfully manscaped. It isn’t a big deal, really, but there is a need to do it well. After all, you don’t want to end up hurting yourself, which might be scary.

Since this activity will involve many sharp objects, it makes this article a piece you should save, read, and re-read for comprehension.

When you master manscaping as a man, life becomes more easier and pleasant.

Take note that manscaping is different for every man. For instance, not everyone has chest hairs, nose hairs, or bushy eyebrows. While some men will need to pay more attention to some regions of their bodies, some don’t even have to worry about them.

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Interesting Studies

In case you’re wondering if some studies have been done about grooming your balls. The answer is a resounding yes, as a 2017 study by the JAMA Dermatology Journal confirmed through its studies that about 66% of men between the age of 18 – 65 years have at least practiced general grooming once in their life.

It means you no longer to wonder if you’re the only one shaving your balls; you aren’t. It’s nothing to feel shame about since it is a healthy lifestyle. Some studies have shown that you feel more confident after grooming.

Another impressive reason not to joke with general grooming is the ladies. According to a recent Swiss experiment, women ranked ‘general cosmetic appearance’ as a critical attribute in males. Do you know what ranked first? The state of the male public hair.

By now, you no longer need to be persuaded to manscape since it is to become an essential part of your life.  With a little bit of help, you wouldn’t wind up in a hospital cause you hurt your balls.

The Best Way To Manscape:

Everyone has a unique manscaping routine, and this section aims to educate you in the best way possible.

  1. All Tools Can Come In Handy

Do you know what can get you a hospital bed? It’s trying to shave your scrotum with a trimmer. Your scrotum is a delicate organ and can get caught up with the metal blades.

That is why in manscaping, you need to use the right tool for your needs. Trimmers are best for the chest and your bush below. A shaving stick is more appropriate for shaving your scrotum.

There are lots of high-quality manscaping tools that you can order online or from your local store. There are numerous kinds of trimmers, with different prices. Other tools that you might need include scissors and a comb.

You can trim your chest with a trimmer to however you want it, even down your bush. However, there are certain places it’s not to reach.

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  1. Keep It Consistent And Natural

A perfect manscape is one that looks proportional to the rest of your body without looking unnatural. If you’re a hairy person, shaving your package bald might look strange and weird.

Ensure that your grooming tallies with your body. If you have back-hairs, that might be pretty cool if your partner loves it. But if your back-hair is repulsive that one might want to take to the hills, then you might want to consider trimming.

Instead of going bald on your chest or balls, you can trim it to a certain level. That way, it gives out a look that looks natural and proportional.

  1. The Reason Behind Your Manscaping

Many men manscaped for different reasons and knowing the reason for manscaping can help you do a great job.

Are you doing it for the glory, or do you have an exciting date? Perhaps you’re just manscaping to keep things in check?

If you’ve never done this before, avoid going all the way in your first attempt. Especially not before any form of intimacy, to avoid the itching body.

A little shave that keeps everything in order is not bad, provided you’re not going under a Brazilian wax just because you want to visit the store.

Your reason behind your manscaping will determine how you will shave. Many people shave for different reasons, and it’s important to know yours before you begin. That way, you’ll be happy with the result.

  1. Keep It Consistent

Some folks only manscape when they cut their hair. If you usually shave your facial hair every few days, you might need to consider manscaping while in the process. It will help you to remain consistent in your manscaping routine.

Altogether the frequency of manscaping will depend on how fast your hair grows. You might be shaving your face every day, but it doesn’t make sense to scour your back and chest every day.

You can make manscaping a weekly or monthly routine, where you shave off every string of hair or perhaps, shave to the level you’re comfortable with. Whatever makes sense to you, the fact is to keep it consistent.

When you stick to your manscaping routine, it helps keep things clean and trimmed. Isn’t that what you want? At least when you hook up with a lady and have to pull off your clothes, she wouldn’t be disappointed at what she sees.

  1. A Hot Shower Before Shaving

Shaving can cause some irritation to the skin, but not when you just had a hot shower. By so doing, you’re preparing your skin. And since hot water tends to open the pores, it makes your hair follicles to relax. Also, your hair will be less resistant to the razor.

If you’re to remain consistent, shaving in the shower can be a great way to do that. The experience is always thrilling, provided you know how to use your razor in the bathroom.

Always make sure to keep a record in the toilet, as it will come in handy whenever you want to keep things in order.

  1. Always Moisturize After A Shave

As you already know, shaving is rough on the skin. If you must avoid bumps and irritations, moisturizing after a shave should be part of your routine. By so doing, you replenish and nourish the skin.

However, try as much as possible to stay away from alcohol-based aftershave. If you dare use it once, you probably won’t try it the second time.

There are lots of incredible moisturizer in the market, and they are not expensive either.

One of the great moisturizers out there is Manscape Crop Reviver, and many have confessed to its wonders. It is formulated using aloe vera and white hazel to take care of the boys.

  1. Slow And Steady

Have you heard the famous saying that slow and steady wins the race? It applies in this situation, where the hairs on your body are already as thick as the Amazon rain forest. In that case, there is no need to hurry or rush.

There is a need to set out time and slowly tackle your business. To get that natural look, you’ll need lots of time and attention. There is no room for hurry if you must do a neat job. When it comes to shaving your balls, you will need to cancel whatever appointment you have.

It would help if you dedicated enough time to manscaping and slowly shave off these hairs that are almost looking repulsive. Slow and steady wins the race, and shaving in such a manner will give you a great looking appearance.

  1. Use A Sharp Razor

Using sharp razors to shave your face or any part of your body reduces irritation and much more comfortable. A safety razor will always get the job done without any hassles. Not only are they cheap, but you can also change them once they get blunt.

Getting a dedicated safety razor for your face alone is something you should consider. You probably do not want to use the razor you used down there on your face. The reason you shouldn’t do that is glaring. By using a dedicated razor, it helps you to stick to your routine without any interruption.

  1. Stay Away From Your Buttcrack

Shaving your buttcrack is synonymous with a horror movie, which is something you must avoid at all costs. Imagine slapping one side of your buttcrack with sandpaper and the other side with a strip of sharkskin. No doubt, you’ll never be comfortable sitting down.

You don’t need to torment yourself with such a technique, not even if you have the best shaving gel. When the hair starts growing, nothing can save you from the itching and discomfort.

If you must remove hairs from your buttcrack, the best option is waxing. There are many home waxing tips, or perhaps you can get a professional to help out if you’re brave enough. Whatever happens, never shave your buttcrack.

  1. Talk to your partner

Sometimes, your partner might know the ideal thing that fits. After all, your partner saw how amazing you are before saying yes. If so, then their input might be of help.

Please, don’t talk about it with a potential date, especially if you both are yet to open up with each other.

But if you’re in a type of relationship where you both are open about your grooming preferences, then you’re lucky. By testing different styles of manscaping, you’ll notice your confidence starting to sprout.

Since your partner wants you to look your best, their input might guide you toward the right practice.

How To Manscape Every Part Of Your Body

  1. Your Eyebrows

Well, this tip isn’t for everyone, especially if you don’t have a bushy eyebrow or unibrow. If you have bushy eyebrows, then neglecting it as part of your manscaping needs is an error you should not make.

If you struggle with a bushy eyebrow or maybe, you have a unibrow, there are a few ways to keep them in order.

First of all, get a fine comb and trim away uneven hairs. When you brush your eyebrow upwards, you should be able to see unequal hairs – hairs that have grown beyond their natural length.

You can use a pair of scissors to cut the hairs down to length. When doing this, make sure you don’t cut beyond the natural height. In case you get an urge to create a perfect line, please resist such a temptation as it might lead to regret.

If you want to handle a unibrow, don’t bother bringing a trimmer or a razor. For this job, tweezers are what you need. The best tip to follow when dealing with a unibrow is only to pluck what’s in the unibrow. Do not go beyond the natural line, as that might mess up your look.

  1. The Ears

If you have some hair peeking out of your ear, it’s a sign you need to manscape that area. But before you begin, take note that you wouldn’t be using nose trimmers. They do a terrible job, and the aim isn’t to remove all hairs since they help your body maintain balance.

You’re to cut what is visible and avoid going any deeper into the ear. Don’t go beyond this point, as that can be dangerous. However, most guys don’t have nose hair issues since they don’t have noticeable nose hairs. At the same time, some might not notice some ear hairs until they are much older.

Remember that your ear doesn’t grow much hair, so it is paramount you play it safe to avoid causing some damage. When you go beyond what you can see, you risk causing some damage.

  1. The Nose

A general rule of thumb is that no one should see the hairs in your nose. It can be somewhat disgusting, making it the reason why you need to clean it up regularly.

The nose is pretty sensitive, and you need to be careful when using the tweezers to eliminate any visible hairs. When it comes to doing a good job, it is similar to how you handled the ear.

The only complicated aspect is that nose shapes aren’t always the same. Some noses can be hard to clean, significantly if your nostrils tilt toward the front of your nose.

When you begin the activity, avoid clearing it smooth since those hairs a crucial role in keeping allergens and dust out. If you use a trimmer and remove all the hairs, you’ll notice how dusty every is. You might also see some allergic reactions like watery eyes, sneezing, and general irritation.

The best tool to use as long as the nose is a concern is scissors. If it’s blunt, that will be perfect. Remember, do not clear out all the hairs in your nose, instead of cutting off those visible.

When trimming, please avoid going too far into the nose. It isn’t necessary, provided you’ve tackled the hairs peeking out. For the sake of your safety, avoid pointed scissors so you wouldn’t hurt yourself.

If you’re to use tweezers for this job, take note that it’s super painful. Although it is an excellent method to remove hairs from your nose, it’s a tough one that requires one to experience pain.

You can order a pair of high-quality metal tweezers from your local store or online. It’s worth giving tweezers a try before you go for the blunt scissors. Who knows, you might prefer tweezers.

  1. The chest

What the ladies love the most, is nothing more than chest hair that runs down to your pubic hair, also known as Tiger Line. But manscaping your wardrobe isn’t always an easy venture, especially when deciding how to handle your chest hairs.

Before you start taking care of your chest, you need to consider the rest of your body. A man with a full beard shouldn’t shave to the point of having a smooth chest. A smooth chest and chin full of beard awkward and contradicting.

But if you don’t have much facial hair, a smooth chest will be ideal. Don’t forget that the aim is to remain consistent in whatever you do and your appearance.

A common question often asked is: should I fully shave my chest?

Unless you’re a Hollywood star preparing for his next movie, full shaved hair is not ideal for many men. Shaving your chest can lead to bumps and irritation. After a few days, you’re likely to experience some itching, which most times can be uncomfortable.

The smooth chest is best with ripped bodies and abs. If you don’t have it, don’t ever think of going all smooth as that will give a boyish look. But if you’re reading this and fortunately, you have a ripped chest coupled with some abs, then go to a wax salon and remove all those hairs.

The key is striking a balance for the rest of the male population without a ripped body and abs. There shouldn’t be too many hairs, not should it be smooth.

Trimming Your Chest With Electric Razor

Trimming your chest with an electric razor works for most people, helping to achieve a moderate look. With the electric razor, you can cut down your chest hairs without having to lose your masculinity.

By using it, you can determine how short you want your chest hair to be. If you’re going to get a good result, start long and gradually cut it down till you hit the ideal length.

If you’re among the few who genetics blessed with a hairy chest, an electric razor can handle the job. However, ensure you don’t trim down to the skin. The manner and length you cut your body type will determine your chest hair.

If you’re fit with some incredible muscles to show off, then trim your chest but leave a little hair. If you’re bulkier, still cut but leave a short coat.

After the manscape, you will look clean, neat, and masculine. But if you don’t have a hairy chest, that means you don’t need to ever worry about waxing or shaving your chest. Take your time and clean up whatever hairs you might have.

You don’t want your chest looking scanty with a few hairs. So, it will be best to shave it off completely.

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Waxing Your Chest Hairs

When it comes to waxing, it is best for men with lots of hair. Avoid shaving with razors or trimmers to avoid irritation. If you want to remove everything, you can get a professional who then uses wax to remove all the without messing with your masculine look.

One reason waxing is much better is that the hairs will take time to grow back, compared to shaving. You can wax at home or perhaps leave it for a professional.


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  1. The Back

Having hairs at the back is not appealing, and makes you look like an ape. So, how do you remove your back hair? Since you can’t reach some areas, you should take a trip to the salon and have professional help.

Even though you’ll be waxing, you can use a trimmer to try and keep the volume low. Some trimmers come with attachments that allow you to reach areas like the middle back. You can trim your back hairs, including your shoulder hairs.

You can easily remove shoulder hairs using an electric razor. But be careful since the skin in the shoulder is more challenging than your chest skin. It’s you have a hot shower, to make it less irritating.

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  1. The Armpit

Armpits are easy to groom, compared to back hairs and chest. All you need to take care of this is merely a pair of scissors. It is not proper to shave your armpit unless perhaps you’re prepping for an athletic event.

If you must get it right, raise your arm and put it back, then push it back as if it’s a wing. You might notice a few strays hairs peeking from under there.

When you raise your one arm, you can use the other hand to pluck some hairs out using blunt scissors. Remember, the aim is not to shave but to cut out some stray hairs in your armpit.

By so doing, you ensure that no hair will be crawling out of your sleeves. If it’s shaved smooth, it might become a problem since people want to see a little hair in your armpit.

  1. Arms And Legs

By all means, leave the hairs on your arms and legs unless you’re preparing for an athletic event. Aside from that, please stay away from your legs and arms. If there are too many hairs in these places; you can quickly bring them under control through trimming.

A trimmer is up to the job, and you should cut a few millimeters at a time till you’ve got the right length. Do not shave your arms and legs, as that can be irritating and comfortable. Please, do not mess up your masculinity by shaving your legs and arms. Some areas don’t need a touch.

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  1. The Pubic Area

Dear gent, welcome to the main event of manscaping, where you have to bend a little bit to clean your junk. The key is to keep it simple and natural, not look blindingly clean like a newborn baby’s junk.

If you’re hairy only to be bald down there, it might look weird and bizarre. Unveiling your goodies doesn’t have to be a surprise. Perhaps you want to do away with all your body hairs and ensure you do a proper prep before beginning. Take a hot shower, leather well, and also, don’t forget to moisturize.


Handle The Bush

It is presumed the most critical and straightforward task, and you can pull it off using a trimmer.  Take a trimmer and trim down the hairs to whatever length you’re going to. If you want to go completely hairless, still use a trimmer. A trimmer will help you see what you’re doing, thereby reducing irritation or bumps.

Remember, you’re to keep everything neatly trimmed. Your bush isn’t where you design the logo of your favorite football club. Keep everything neat and clean.

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The Balls

If you’re not sweating while shaving your balls, then you’re doing something wrong. Never use an electric trimmer on your balls; that’s risky! Trying to use a trimmer will resort in a fatal accident. It’s like playing with drugs; you always end up losing.

Also, don’t use a depilatory cream since the chemicals can be harsh on your balls.

To accomplish a fantastic job, you can do this in the shower. First of all, allow the water to run down the area for a couple of minutes. You can use soap and smear the site, so it becomes easy to shave. While at, please be slow and steady. Your scrotum is delicate, and you don’t need to hurry and injure yourself.

Having a razor in the shower might work to your Advantage. It means you can easily use it to shave off stray hairs you may have overlooked before. Remember that slow and steady wins the race.

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The Shaft

Another important aspect of your grooming is your shaft, and you want to make sure there is no hair at the base of your penis. You can shave the region with a razor, just as you did to your balls.

If you want to create an illusion of a giant junk, you need to shave from the shaft to your bush. It could be a quarter-inch, and it will give you a more oversized look down there, which isn’t a bad thing.

Be careful not to shave too deep into the bush, as that will give it a funny look you may not like.

The Perineum

This region of your body is the most challenging part of manscaping,(be careful)  and almost everyone can attest to that. In that case, stay away from the razor to about hurting yourself.

Also, using a razor might cause some discomfort when the stubble grows back. The reason is that razors have a big head and might fail to accomplish a neat job. But if you’re serious about getting clean perineum, then go to the salon and have a professional take care of it.

Whatever you do, never you dare use a trimmer near your perineum, nor should such a tool go close to your scrotum.

The Best Manscaping Tools

  • Trimmer: There are different kinds of trimmers, with their unique features and prices. When going for one, ensure that the metal blade is of incredible quality. Another thing you need to consider is versatility. Should you go for cord or cordless? It all boils down to your budget.
  • Scissors: It is not everything that a trimmer can solve. Sometimes scissors might come in handy, especially when you need to care of your armpit and nose. There are numerous types in the market, and you should go for one that feels comfortable.
  • Comb: Wooden combs are the best; and tend to get the job done without issues. It can be useful when trimming your eyebrows, giving you the chance to trim out uneven hairs.


Manscaping is a reverence activity that you shouldn’t joke with, especially folks who don’t play with their grooming needs. As already stated, manscaping deals with overall body hair removal, which can range from your eyebrow, chest, legs, and arms.

The most important and risky is the pubic hair, which needs extra care and attention. You don’t need to be in haste, nor should you use a trimmer since it can hurt you.

Without further ado, that is all on how to manscape. Remember, consistency is key to achieving that attractive and masculine look.

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