Men’s Grooming Tips (Updated 2020)



Formerly, many men were unbothered about the intricacies of grooming. Grooming for them stopped at good haircut and clean clothes. It didn’t matter if the haircut suited them or if the clothes were fashionable. As time evolved, the grooming needs of men changed. The only problem was that men tried to improve their look by attempting to copy other individuals. A person who looks attractive will often be the yardstick that others want to emulate.


They would look at someone (most likely a celebrity) whom they admire and wish to be like them, thinking that simple haircut or similar clothes will make them look fancy.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work like that. The reality is that effective men’s grooming is one that makes you more confident, more attractive, more in control, and even more successful. Such personal grooming is achieved by responding to your attributes. You would need to focus on your strengths and tone down your weaknesses. Everyone has a mix of both strengths and weaknesses, including the icons you admire so much. The most important thing here is knowing what you have and how to make the best use of it.


In this article, we will not focus on just one aspect of men’s grooming, but we will focus on eight other elements that usually get lost in the general discussion of grooming for men. These principles will give you a more detailed look at yourself and help you understand why you should do what you need to do to achieve the best grooming sessions possible. It will also help you develop a grooming routine that is unique to you and your needs, not just you copying someone else. You will even understand what the best grooming products are and why and how to use them.


Your Face Shape Matters A Lot


Heart-shape. Square. Oval. Round. When new haircuts make the rounds or beard trends take the internet by storm, no one tells you that it isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. The shape of your face has so much to do with how you wear your beards, the shape of your brows, and how you cut your hair.


To know what suits you, you would need first to know what your face shape is. Many men, unfortunately, do not know what their face shape is or how important in the overall scheme of things. When you understand your face shape, your options are limitless as to what you can achieve with your grooming processes. This will also affect your overall outlook. The four main face shapes are heart-shape, square, oval, and round. Knowing which category you fall under can help you prevent a lot of guesswork and quickly find icons in the same category. You can effectively implement the grooming tips associated with that face shape category and your style icon.


Finally, understanding your face shape will quickly let you discover what eyebrow shape is best for you and what beard trims give you the best overall look. Knowing the best beard oils to use is not very important when your beards don’t flatter your face.


Do Your Research


It’s totally fine for you to want to get your loved ones and friends’ approval about how you look and the best appearance you should wear. However, most times, they will give you what they feel you should look like, not what will suit you. Imagine you have a significant other who is a die-hard fan of Brad Pitt; guess who would be trying to look like Brad so hard. That’s right. You!


It may not be all bad, but you should surround yourself with expert advice from stylists, dermatologists, and proper research to keep you informed and help you make the best decisions for you. By doing this, you are sure of getting the right information based on experience and will suit your attributes completely. You will also discover the best grooming practices, how they work, what you need, and what the likely outcome will be.


Imagine you decide you need a facial treatment. Going to your friends and loved ones for advice will leave you with all the great stuff that works for them. What they don’t know is how your skin will react to whatever products they are using. Research helps you avoid issues. It may seem like a lot of work right now, but it’s worth it in the end.


Grooming Has To Be Consistent, but Learning is Vital


It is human nature to form a pattern that works and stick to it. It saves you stress, and you think to yourself, “why change something that works?”. Sometimes, an established routine isn’t ideal anymore because you are always changing, evolving. But you have learned to cut your hair in a particular pattern and wash your face till it’s squeaky clean, you are comfortable, and you don’t want to change this “working” routine.


You are saving time and being consistent, but the problem with this is that you are limiting yourself terribly in your grooming capabilities. Having such a fixed and rigid routine does not allow you to take on more challenging risks and bold steps. You hardly ever take any bold grooming decisions. Honestly, that’s boring. And you have very little room to make any improvements by doing experiments to see just if there’s something better out there for you.


Like we said previously, researching to find better grooming options that would suit you better is vital and will eventually help you achieve a better look that will fit you perfectly.


Don’t Ignore the Small Stuff


Have you heard people say the first thing they notice about a person is their feet? In addition to that, the brain registers so many other things, including nasal hair. People can make opinions about you based on your appearance, so if you give them something terrible to see first, their view about you may not be very nice. Changing those opinions can take a whole lot of effort as well. Your grooming enhances your attractiveness, likability, authority, and competence. You don’t want people forming the wrong opinion about you.


An awkward standing position or an uneven shave can register in a person’s mind unconsciously and form a perception of you without them even knowing. That’s how vital it is to ensure that the small, so-called unimportant things have a big hand in dictating first impressions.


You want to ensure you pay as much attention to things like hair in your ears, on the back of your neck, nasal hairs, etc., and not just your hairstyle or beards. You may think to yourself and say that these things are hidden and will not affect your overall appearance, but it does. It is highly unlikely that you will get a compliment for your well-trimmed nostrils, but imagine how uncomfortable people would feel talking to you with wayward hair sticking out of your nose. Not a pretty sight.


Understand Your Skin


The skin is the largest organ of the body; it is also the most sensitive and gives the most grooming issues. The skin continually reacts with the environment and products, making it very easy to alter its quality, tone, texture, and quality. As you may guess, if anything goes south with your skin, it has the power to change how confident you are entirely. That will be you not feeling comfortable in your skin.


It’s ok to spend a lot of money on products to make your skin perfect, but not understanding your skin and what works for you is like pouring that money down the drain. Skin types are different, and knowing what yours is will help you see what works perfectly. Eating healthy and getting enough exercise can undoubtedly improve your skin, but if that’s all you do, it’s not quite enough.


So rather than searching for that “magic formulas,” understanding your skin will save you a lot of stress. You may still need to experiment and find what works for you for each season, but not fret. Consult a professional to help out with the intricacies of your skin. Getting the perfect skin will take some time and patience.


Treat Your Hair With Respect


Your hair isn’t just something sitting on your head that you can manipulate however you please. Imagine your hair has feelings. It isn’t straightforward too. There are different hair types: wavy, curly, straight, thick, thin, kinky, and many more, and each hair type has caring methods that work best for them. You also need to consider hair texture, color, growth rate, thickness, and a host of other things. Each of these factors come together to make up your hair and how complicated it is.


Unfortunately, many men only pay attention to their hair when it is going grey, or they notice a thinning patch. Not paying attention to your hair has many adverse effects that can ruin your overall outlook and style. Taking care of your mane and investing in grooming tips can improve hair quality. Because you know what face shape you have, you will know what hairstyle can suit you best.


Also, by paying close attention to your hair, you can quickly detect when something starts going wrong. Not all advice will be great for your hair, and as such, having a deep understanding of your hair is the first step to know just what works.


Compete With Only Yourself


There’s no need trying to compete with Brad with your grooming. You only need to be a better version of yourself every day. To achieve that, lots of research and patience come into play. When you know the grooming routine that works for you, you will understand that all the care and attention will be worth it.


Competing with yourself means you are improving, getting better than your first messy shave. Your confidence is growing, along with your improved shaving skills. Be careful though; most men tend to stop learning as soon as they perfect a particular grooming skill level. You want to keep learning and improving. Think of it as a skill that you need to keep perfecting till you become a master.


Enjoy Your Grooming Sessions


In life, you may have noticed that when you are having fun doing something, it doesn’t seem like such a Herculean task. Even a person’s job can become super fun when you enjoy what you do. Why shouldn’t your grooming sessions be the same? Doing a routine over and over can indeed make it tiring and boring. That’s why you should keep researching and finding better ways of making your grooming session fun.


While many see grooming as a serious, difficult task, you need to make sure you want to do it. Let it be something you look forward to. That instantly takes away the seriousness of the activity. Spending a lot of time doing something many times over can become tedious, so you might want to figure out ways to make it fun. You can try playing music or playing games with yourself while you groom.


Always remember why you go through all your routines, the reason why you do so much research, and spend so much effort on yourself: it’s because you want to look good. And looking good is synonymous with feeling good. It would help if you had some self-awareness and a sprinkle of patience to achieve your dreams’ grooming goals.


These eight tips have helped many people cultivate better grooming habits that have helped them become better and more confident individuals. They are not far-fetched ideas and can help you achieve better results too.

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