Scalp Micropigmentation: 19 facts Before and After, Benefits

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All You Need to Know About Scalp Micropigmentation

With millions of individuals struggling with hair loss today, we should enlighten you on the treatment options available. A few treatment options optimally help manage hair loss and balding in men and women. However, our attention to study today is on the second most popular of them all (after hair transplants, of course). Scalp micropigmentation! Ever wondered why it’s so famous and people prefer the treatment to hair transplants? Read on! Have a look HERE for Hair Transplants if in the future if that interests you as well.


What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation
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Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is by far the safest, cost-effective, and long-lasting method of tackling hair loss conditions. The procedure simply involves a non-surgical use of specially-active pigmentation formula and micro-needle on the scalp. This pigment application creates an illusion of hair follicles on the scalp covering the void from hair loss. Having briefed you on the basics, let’s get into all there is to know about scalp micropigmentation.

How Does Scalp Micropigmentation Work?

Unlike other surgical hair loss treatment approaches, scalp micropigmentation does not require surgical means to get your hair look back in shape. This process involves the application of specialized pigment solutions directly on the scalp of the patient. With the aid of specialized needles of various types, the pigment solution causes a uniform color change on the hair growth. What determines the extent to which color change is made is dependent on the desired results.

The process involves the tattooing of the hair follicles on the scalp with highly specialized pigment solutions. As the procedure continues, there’d be a need to apply the pigment on a specific scalp area with these micro-needles. These needles help get to the root areas of your hair follicles for uniform pigmentation. You should expect a little sharp pain when micro-needles are used on your scalp because they get down to the root of each follicle.

What Will SMP Do for You?

You get more thick and full looking hair with the SMP treatment procedure. For balding in men, the scalp micropigmentation treatment often helps reduce scalp visibility. In pattern baldness, men and women with undefined hairlines can get a total reconstruction of their frontals.

The scalp micropigmentation process is considered one of the best and most efficient methods of fixing scars. Do you know how scars on the scalp from an injury or accident could look a bit messy? Or sometimes affect your hairline and hair growth in that area? With scalp micropigmentation treatment, these scars can be covered and have you looking as good as you were before the accident.

Who Can Opt for Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment?

The scalp micropigmentation treatment is medically cleared for men and women looking to get better-looking hair volume. This procedure can also be tried out by individuals looking to increase their hair density, to have more hair on their scalp. Generally, patients who suffer from any form of hair loss or alopecia can always try out this treatment procedure.

Also, people who’d like to cover their scalp scars from severe fire burn or other kinds of accidents should opt for SMP treatment. Hair transplant is often the most sort after solution for hair loss and alopecia. However, people who have financial restraints and can’t undergo surgery due to their medical history can opt for SMP treatment.

How Much Does Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment Cost?

Not sure what you’ve heard before now, but trust me, you wouldn’t have to sell your home to pay for this procedure. Yes, it could be quite expensive and may require that you plan for your treatment sessions, but it’s fair for the cause. This procedure’s cost varies for each individual, depending on the area of scalp to be covered.

Aside from the consultation fee and practitioner charge, the sum of your treatment would be dependent on how much pigment your scalp needs. We’d suggest that each patient schedule’s a consultation appointment with their expert for a quick evaluation. This evaluation would help the expert conclude on the extent to which the scalp damage is done. Only then would you get your estimated cost.

How Long Does SMP Treatment Take?

Do not be scared; no one is prepping you for an 8-hour surgical procedure. Every scalp micropigmentation treatment requires a range of 2-4 sessions, depending on your scalp damage condition. Since it’s a one-on-one session, expect to spend roughly 2-4 hours for each session. Of course, time spent per session is determined by the extent of the scalp damage and hair loss.

It’d be great to note that scalp micropigmentation treatment sessions are often spaced apart. Majorly to allow your scalp and hair follicles to take in the pigment solution. Ideally, you should expect a minimum of 10days and a maximum of 20days between sessions.

How Long Does SMP Treatment Last?

Now that you’ve taken a leap of faith in getting the procedure done, you’d probably love to know the answer to this question. How long does SMP treatment last? After you just discussed 2-4 sessions with your practitioner, you should expect a long-term fix on your hair’s color and strength. This long-term scalp micropigmentation fix goes for years without retracting.

However, if a slight color change is noticed a few years down the line, you can always book a ‘touch up’ session with your practitioner. This fix-up session would restore all the slightly lightened areas on your hair and help strengthen the procedure further. Most importantly, the level of fading (if any) strongly depends on your desired results for the scalp micropigmentation treatment.

Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation

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Why would anyone want to know if there are extra benefits to this procedure? We’d expect you to be okay with the fact that your hair looks naturally full and nothing more. However, there are a few beneficial reasons why you should pick this scalp treatment over others. On top of the list and the primary reason why lots of people subscribe to this procedure is its non-surgical approach.

I don’t know about you, but not too many people would love the idea of experts looking through their scalp. The procedure of scalp micropigmentation by creating a replica image of hair follicles involves a non-surgical process. Secondly, SMP treatment requires no cost after the procedure is completed. It’s the best option for post scalp treatment maintenance and cost. After your treatment, you can always go back to your usual routine immediately.

Also, unlike other treatment options, scalp micropigmentation requires zero recovery time after the process. This is the most crucial benefit and why lots of patients prefer this approach to their scalp treatment. You get an immediate fix and result without having to go through days or weeks of pain in recovery time.

Is Scalp Micropigmentation Detectable?

A lot of people get concerned about people finding out they had an SMP procedure. This question comes to mind when we wonder how judgmental some people could get about sensitive matters. To keep your hopes up, this hair loss solution offers the best natural treatment for scalp micropigmentation, making it undetectable. The consistently natural result finishing leaves your hair growing from the scalp like it usually would.

Since this procedure entails using the right pigment type matching your color and skilled techniques during application– Be rest assured that each replica of your hair follicle would appear as identical as possible. With the right variety of fine needles, the pigment is applied to each hair follicle’s root, causing an even and seamless growth.

Can I Have the Hairline of My Choice?

It’s normal to want to make the best of an opportunity to change a situation. You can always request that your preferred hairline is drawn out during this procedure. However, if you’d rather go with the suggestion of your specialist, there are a wide range of options to pick from.

Is SMP Permanent?

The scalp micropigmentation procedure is one of the long-lasting hair loss solutions. However, it isn’t as permanent as most people would like it to be. Common, let’s be realistic here; if you’d cut your hair, it’d probably take a while before it comes up again. Secondly, when you change your hair color, the dye fades off with time. This is a similar scenario, except that it involves a more complex procedure and the application of hair pigments instead of hair dyes.

The scalp tattoo, as it’s often referred to as is a permanent makeup on your hair scalp that should last roughly 4-6 years. I’m sure ladies would pay a fortune to be guaranteed their makeovers would last that long. Even with the intensity of the pigment chemicals, fading is still bound to occur over time. This scalp micropigmentation treatment isn’t a permanent hair loss solution; however, it wouldn’t wash off completely overnight.

It’s often advised that a quarterly meeting is scheduled between you and your expert to monitor the lasting effect and tweak the fading. Aside from when the fading starts after the 4-6-year period, expect to have even coloration all through. For as long as the pigment solution stays active, your hair remains in great shape.

Will SMP Change Colors?

Just because this procedure is popularly referred to as ‘The Scalp Tatoo’ doesn’t mean it fades off like any tattoo ink. Unlike your typical tattoo ink, the SMP pigment solution is designed to have a similar color to your natural hair color. Pigment solutions used during this treatment do not contain color additives, which are liable to fade off in the presence of intense light or water droplets.

The pigment solutions do not cause discoloration of your hair and make it last over a period. To also ensure you don’t experience discoloration after a few years, the SMP treatment uses a specially designed needle and machine on your scalp.

Does SMP Procedure Hurt?

Well, now we know so much about the SMP procedure, but just how much does it hurt? The answer to this question varies in persons and techniques. Let’s walk you through the pre-SMP and post-SMP procedure. Shall we?

Before you get started, your practitioner would most likely massage your scalp with a topical numbing agent. I know what you’re thinking, but No! it isn’t dangerous to your brain cells. You’ll definitely be fine after this. Nonetheless, it’d be better you expect to feel some sort of discomfort while he/she applies the numbing agent. In the end, your pain tolerance level determines how long you can go before screaming out.

The procedure itself is a short one and doesn’t require you to be transferred to the ICU afterward. Just stay prepared for the worse, so you go through the pain without breaking down. Does it hurt it? Yes! But does it hurt? Probably not! It all depends on your level of tolerance.

What Equipment Is Used for A Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure?

Except you’re an SMP practitioner who’s looking to get prior knowledge before their training, I doubt you’d need the list of instruments for this procedure. Generally, the equipment for the procedure is known as Permanent Cosmetic Equipment. I’m sure the term permanent makes it clear that this toolbox is nothing like your make up kit. As the need for more SMP procedures goes up, so is the unveiling of many SMP equipment brands in the market.

These brands vary in the quality and cost of the equipment. However, every permanent cosmetic equipment brand must contain a few essential instruments for this procedure’s success. As I love to call it (toolbox), your practitioner’s toolbox should contain a disposable micro-needle to apply the pigmentation, a handpiece, and of course, a power source for the handpiece.

Anything other than these is extras like wipes, hand gloves, and so on. This isn’t your typical tattoo equipment. The equipment used for this procedure is more complex in its build-up than the tattoo machine. For example, the handpiece is specifically designed for applying the pigment directly to your scalp. Using a different machine from this would only get the job halfway; if it does at all.

Can One Scrub, Shave, Or Shampoo After SMP Procedure?

Even when you don’t feel pain after the procedure, it’s only normal that you avoid applying so might tension on your scalp afterward. Scrubbing, application of shampoo, or shaving might wash off a larger part of the pigment solution on your scalp. It is advisable to avoid these actions for the first 4-5 days after your procedure.

What Are the Differences Between SMP And Tattoos?

The obvious answer to this question would be that both parties have different equipment. As explained earlier, equipment used in scalp micropigmentation is different from tattooist’s equipment. As a patient looking to get your scalp treatment done, you don’t go to a tattooist. You go to a doctor who specializes in SMP. Tattooists work on general body art, which sometimes includes the head, while SMP experts are trained to treat the scalp damage on your head.

The depth of the equipment used in scalp micropigmentation is much different and technical than a tattoo session. More so, your practitioner, administers anesthesia to help reduce the pain during this procedure. On the other hand, the adrenaline rush from the pain during a tattoo session, we believe, is the reason people have tattoos done. Of course, the tattooist is also not licensed by law to administer anesthesia to their clients. Clearly, there’s a clear difference between both procedures, except tattooing isn’t a procedure to begin with.

Can Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment Be Removed?

Of course, it can be removed! Yeah, we also tried picturing what the reversal process of drilling pigment solutions into my scalp– Trust me, it didn’t seem nice at all. Well, your scalp micropigmentation treatment can be reversed but at high risk. The removal process of this procedure involves the use of a laser directly to your scalp. Like you just pictured, there’s a slim chance the laser wouldn’t burn your scalp leaving scars.

In most cases, burned scalps are only recorded when the reversal isn’t handled properly. To make you a bit relaxed, remember that people who carry out these procedures are trained professionals. Regardless, ensure you’ve given it a lot of thought before concluding on SMP removal. Since there isn’t another known reversal process for this procedure, you have to be certain it is worth the risk.

The process simply involves burning off the ink particles from the pigment solution initially injected into your hair follicles. Interestingly, I did think about applying heat on my scalp to burn off the pigment particles, but maybe not as professional as using a laser. You wouldn’t want to know what ideas I had back then. Also, note that if the deposition of the ink was carried out wrongly during the procedure, the laser wouldn’t get to cover certain spots. There are alternatives to help fade the pigment solution; however, there’s no known alternative for ink removal.


Does Scalp Micropigmentation Work? -Bottom Line

Yes, scalp micropigmentation works! the process is often carried out repeatedly until your preferred result is ascertained for years. Since what the procedure entails is an illusion of hair growth on your follicles over a long period, that’s the best you might ever get.



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