7 Best Ways to Grow a Thicker Beard (Updated 2020)

Ways To Grow A Thicker Beard

Ways To Grow A Thicker Beard

Growing a beard can be a challenge to many men, and that is because a lot of things are involved. Over the years, a thick beard is often associated with strong leadership, masculinity, wisdom, and power. When a man falls short of this attribute, the less control, he commands. Although genetics has a huge role in growing a thick beard, there are some ways one can influence this tangible aspect of one’s personality.

The common problem men face when growing a beard is itching. It can get so unbearable that they had no choice but to trim and trim. When coupled with a poor diet and improper skin regime, the result is often a disaster. If you’re one of these men struggling with patchy beards, perhaps you will find this article helpful.

There are several ways to grow a thick beard, and many men have used these techniques to achieve a full and thicker beard. A word of caution, this is no magic trick.

As previously stated, genetics plays a huge role. However, these tips could help you slip through a little bit if you’re being fought by genetic. By incorporating these tips, you might be able to make your beard thicker and fuller in appearance. If you’re ready to begin, then continue reading.

How Fast Does Facial Hair Grow?

A lot of factors come to play when determining how fast a beard can grow. It includes age, race, and, most of all, genetics. However, some men were able to experience their biggest boom during their 25 to 35 years. Speaking of a beard’s average growth rate, it can range from half an inch a month or less, sometimes more.

Beard growth happens in stages, which are anagen, catagen, and telogen. If you’re learning this for this first time, then you need to understand that anagen is merely when the hair is growing. In this phase, the cell of the hair follicles divides swiftly to create a new hair shaft.

The catagen phase, on the other hand, is when the hair lies dormant. At this stage, there isn’t much growth happening. The final phase, the telogen phase, occurs when the hair starts to push out older or dead hair. This attempt tries to kick-start the process all over again. It is estimated that about 10% of hair follicles are in the telogen phase at any given point in time.

Now that you have background knowledge about the growth of a beard, let’s get into the business of knowing how you can grow a thicker and attractive beard.

Taking supplements


1. Taking supplements

Taking the right vitamins can go a long way to improve your beard’s health, including making them thicker. However, the result may vary from person to person, but there is enough proof to support that these supplements work and can be your magic formula to growing a thicker beard. With the right supplement, you will be able to fill up those patchy spots.

At the moment, there is no scientific backup to these claims. That, however, doesn’t mean the benefits of these supplements aren’t evident. A study shows that VitaBeard does improve facial hair growth in some participants. If it worked for some men, it might work for you.

Essential vitamins such as zinc, magnesium, vitamin B, vitamin D, iron, copper, and Vitamine E play a crucial role in making your beard thicker. Imagine what will happen when you incorporate these into your daily diet. No doubt, you will experience a dramatic result in weeks. Among the vitamins already mentioned, biotin is another fantastic element that does wonders for facial hair growth.

What biotin does is to boost the production of keratin, a protein that provides the structural base for hair and nails. When you’re deficient in these critical elements, it leads to thin and brittle hair. That is something you certainly want to avoid.

coconut oil

2. Beard Oil

A man growing a beard should never lack beard oil in his arsenal. It is almost like food to the soul, and without it, your beard will begin to wither away like a beautiful flower under a scorching sun. In other words, beard oil is something you must have in your daily grooming regime. Without it, you’re not fit for growing a beard or be accepted into the beard gang club.

But before we start worshipping beard oil, what is it? It is the mixture of essential and carrier oils that works as a leave-in conditioner for the beard and the skin. You will have to start using this incredible oil when growing your beard until you cut it. Cutting it may be out of the question, but you get the gist.

Here are some of the benefits of beard oil and why you mustn’t be without one.

  • With beard oil, you drastically reduce the itchiness that some men experience when growing a beard.
  • It makes your beard soft and attractive
  • It helps the skin below the beard to thrive and fixing some patchy spots that might exist
  • Also, it can help eliminate beardruff, which can be an annoying battle among beard growers.
  • Overall, beard oil enhances the beard’s appearance.


3. Start To Exercise

It might sound a little whoosh, but exercising can improve the quality of your beard on a whole new level. By signing up for your local gym, you will be able to lose some excess weight, which can be beneficial to your beard’s growth. Take note that all exercise helps your beard grow thicker and thoroughly, but some specific activity has been more effective.

It includes cardio exercises like running, fast walking, cycling, and even dance can do the trick. What exercises do is to increase the production of testosterone, which enhances healthy hair growth and follicles. By improving and increasing blood circulation, you provide all the nutrients your beards need to grow thicker and more robust. The more exercise you do, the more pronounced the result will be. As you keep going, you also boost the production of dihydrotestosterone.

If you haven’t done these kinds of exercises before, ensure you start slowly and progress. If you can get a personal trainer, that would be best. Aside from your beard, your body and health will thank you for it.

trim beard
                    Image as somebody is trimming the beard of a young man

4. Trim Your Beard Properly

You have to be careful with this tip to avoid achieving the reverse result. It is recommended you do this monthly, as regular trimming can make your beard less full and thick. If possible, consider having a professional barber who has immense experience working with beards. That way, you’re sure you’re in good hands.

After your beard has grown to a particular stage, you can decide to trim it yourself. However, this will require practice to do it right. If that is the case, you will need a good beard trimmer that you find very comfortable to use. Before you begin, note that you need to define your neckline, then gradually shape the rest of the beard.

How frequently you trim your beard depends on how fast your beards are growing. You can do this in two weeks intervals, three weeks, or even monthly. A mistake new beard growers often make is to trim their beard as soon as they step out of the shower.

It would help if you avoided this since it can be pretty confusing to avoiding cutting more beard than you need. Facial hair tends to be longer when you step out of the shower, so cutting more than necessary is a common mistake that happens among starters.


5. Diet

A healthy diet can go a long way to improve the quality of your life. Aside from helping you achieve a more attractive and thicker beard, a healthy diet can lessen your risk of diseases, help you maintain a suitable weight and your state of mind. Just as a supplement help you achieve a thicker beard, a healthy diet can do the same by ensuring you get the right vitamins and nutrients.

One good thing with diet is that there are varieties to choose from, and you don’t need to eat the same thing repeatedly for the sake of vitamins and nutrients. You can always try different foods, dishes, and recipes without being forced because it is healthy.

Many people often say that the healthier the food, the worse it tastes. That doesn’t always have to be the case, as there are hundreds of delicious healthy foods that you can try. The goal is to eliminate junk food, but it doesn’t mean you’re forever cursed to eat a balanced diet.

To grow a thicker beard, focus more on protein-rich foods since they are essential for beard growth. Hair consists of keratin, and that is a type of protein that is incredible for beard growth. The best keratin source is fish, lean meat, eggs, rice, beans, and legumes. Foods that contain vitamin C and E should be encouraged, including those with omega-3 fatty acids.

Ways To Grow A Thicker Beard
                                Ways To Grow A Thicker Beard

6. Get Enough Rest

No matter what you do, never sacrifice a good night’s sleep for anything. There is nothing like a bad night’s sleep, as it leaves you groggy, trouble concentrating, and less productive at work. It doesn’t do your beard any good either, which is why you must make it a priority to have enough quality sleep if you must achieve a thicker beard.

Among some of the negative implications of lack of sleep is a decreased in testosterone production. As you already know, it plays a crucial role in your beard’s growth and thickness. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, some studies aim to determine the impact of lack of sleep in men, some participants who were deprived of sleep experience about 10 to 15 percent reduction in daytime testosterone levels.

When you lack sleep, it triggers your stress levels to rise, which is also another factor that can negatively impact your beard growth and thickness. If you’re serious about achieving a thicker beard, make it a duty to have at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Not only will your beard thank you for it, but your body and mind also will. Additionally, you will notice less patchiness in your beard as well.

7. Beard Transplant

For most men, growing a thick beard is entirely out of their control, irrespective of any tips or trick they try. Possibly, they are battling genetics, which can be a stubborn thing to deal with it. In that case, the final and permanent solution to such an ordeal will be a beard transplant. You might be wondering if a beard plant is safe and best for you. The fact is that a beard transplant can be the quickest and easiest route to follow, especially if you have the buck.

Beard transplant involves taking hair from another part of the body and transplanting it to the face. Although a beard transplant is a relatively new procedure, the result has been alluring and tempting. By tempting, we mean that men have achieved a thicker and full beard that looks completely natural and attractive.

For starters, the hair that is transplanted to the face comes from the back of the scalp. Since hairs from this region resemble facial hair, it becomes the ideal hair used to achieve a thick and full beard. Beard transplant can be the magic bean you’ve been looking for, but make sure to research the cons before finally making a decision.


Achieving a thicker beard is possible. It doesn’t matter your age, race, or gene. The question is: are you ready to do what it entails? There are many men today who aspire to have a thicker beard, but they aren’t prepared to pay the price. If you’re not genetically blessed with a thick beard, which means you’re going to go the extra mile to achieve that which your heart desires. When everything fails, science is always there for the rescue. Are you ready for that thicker beard, alpha male?

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