8 Different Ways To Grow Thicker Eyebrows 2021



A lot of people believe that perfectly shaped eyebrows help to highlight one’s face as well as their personality. While this is true, eyebrows serve more purposes, including creating a protective arch that stops liquids like sweat, rain; amongst others, from getting to you, thereby improving your vision. It is no news that bold eyebrows have become a rage, and not too long ago, the pencil-thin eyebrows were all the rave in the style industry.

However, that is one thing with trends, they come, and they go, but today thicker eyebrows are back in the latest trend. Your eyebrows in a significant way contribute to the immediate impression people get from you, plus it also serves as an essential way of reading your face.

Studies have shown that eyebrows are more vital for facial recognition than the eyes. Some people suffer from scanty eyebrows and are always on the lookout for the next remedy to make them thicker. While there is no magic tip to growing your eyebrows overnight, there are, however, natural remedies, including serums that can be used to enhance the process. Today, various companies are into the business of developing formulas in other to promote hair growth. Due to this, there is usually confusion on which is the best choice, which is why this article will highlight the best product as well as natural remedies that are cost-effective and proficient.

Some of the best products and natural remedies that help grow thicker eyebrows include;

ways to grow thicker eyebrows


Using any natural oil of your choice is not only cost-effective, but it also serves as a great approach towards growing thicker eyebrows. This method, however, requires that you apply the selected natural oil of your choice regularly, and it usually takes several months before it starts producing results. Many people, both men, and women alike suggest the use of natural oils as the best approach to growing thicker eyebrows. Some of these best natural oil remedies are;

  • Olive Oil

One of the best and easily accessible natural way of promoting hair growth is through the use of olive oil. It contains vitamins A, E, and K, which are all perfect for hair growth. The use of olive tends to produce quicker results, which are usually visible in a matter of weeks. After using olive oil, it is, however, necessary to thoroughly clean your skin in other to avoid it from getting oily.

  • Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E plays a vital role in hair growth as it contains a natural antioxidant known as tocotrienol, which helps in maintaining existing hair growth. All you have to do is gently apply a small amount of the oil on your brows and massage. However, in this case, after using, you will have to leave the oil overnight.

  • Castor oil

Rich in proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, amongst others, which helps in nourishing the hair, castor oil helps to improve the circulation of blood around the hair follicle in other to promote the natural growth of hair. The method of application is simple and straightforward, as all you have to do is apply a small amount to your eyebrow daily as well as massage it gently. Leave it for half an hour before proceeding to wash your face. For most people, results begin to show around two months.


Many people fail to understand that a good healthy diet plays a significant role in hair growth. If your diet fails to contain the necessary vitamins and nutrients, then it is most unlikely that your body will grow thick, fuller eyebrows. Protein, zinc, iron, among other vitamins, are not only crucial for health but also serve the purpose of hair tissue and growth repair, promote faster hair growth, and even boost hair roots in other to create darker and thicker eyebrows.


Many people find it challenging to change their diets, and others don’t have the time to eat a healthy meal all the time. This is where biotin supplements come in, and as you know, you need to be consistent with supplements. Biotin is often regarded as a sort of vitamin, plus a lot of companies also use it as a significant ingredient in their eyebrow growth serums. Biotin helps produce proteins, which in turn stops hair from thinning and improves hair texture, plus it also helps promote the brilliant growth of the eyebrow.


The use of petroleum jelly helps to condition as well as retain moisture in your brows. By preventing moisture from escaping, it doesn’t just keep the skin moisturized, but it also helps brows grow out longer and fuller. You must repeat this every night until you get the desired thick eyebrows.

The method of application is simple as you only have to put it on the eyebrows and leave it overnight. It is essential not to apply in excess as it can stain your pillowcase. Rinse with water in the morning. Please note; as petroleum jelly, it is high in oil content; it is advisable for those who have acne-prone skin to not use as a home remedy for getting thicker brows.


Aloe vera contains “aloenin,” which helps to promote hair growth. It is non-sticky and gets absorbed fast, which means you can apply it several times a day. It is effective for growing permanent thick brows, plus it is also suitable for opening up follicular pores as well as getting rid of excess oil.

  1. LEMON

Lemons are rich in folic acid, vitamin B, C, as well as other vital nutrients, which help make eyebrows grow much faster. When using, it is normal for the skin to burn, but if it persists, skip, and use another remedy. If you have sensitive skin, avoid using this remedy. The method of use requires that you rub a piece of the lemon on your eyebrows, leave for 20 minutes before proceeding to wash off with warm water.

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Products like brow serums are made to help stimulate the growth of hair follicles above. The best brow serums contain ingredients such as peptides, which makes hair grow quicker and faster. There are a lot of serums made by various companies, and it is essential to always go for the best choice, especially one that is guaranteed to be efficient.

  1. MILK

One natural product that helps in the growth of a thicker eyebrow is milk. Milk contains essential minerals and vitamins which contribute towards the nourishing of hair follicles. It is no wonder why milk has been used as an ingredient in various skincare products. It is easy to use; all you have to do is soak a cotton ball in milk and gently massage your eyebrows. Leave it for 15 minutes before proceeding to wash with water.

Every remedy, as listed above, is guaranteed to give you the desired results if used as advised. While most of the remedies discussed above are harmful, however, it is also necessary to carry out extensive research before using it. Each of these remedies is both perfect for females and males who want to achieve thicker eyebrows.

While having a thick and full eyebrow is all the rave now, it is, however, necessary to keep it neat and tidy. Now, while some women don’t have any problem in that area, men, however, tend to overlook the importance of regular eyebrow maintenance probably because they don’t know how to do it or most because it might be time-consuming. However, every man can benefit from grooming their eyebrows.

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It is common for men to trim their facial hair and beards regular, but how about their brows? Eyebrows remain one of the essential features of a person’s face, which is why it is necessary to keep them always looking their best. Therefore, incorporating trimming and tidying into your daily routine should not be difficult.

Like women, men also need regular eyebrow maintenance. However, before you try the latest eyebrow grooming style, there are necessary things you need to know. Some of these are; avoid over tweezing, as it is a common mistake most men make when grooming their eyebrows, and not every eyebrow grooming technique is a good idea.

Men’s eyebrow shapes

You need to be aware of your brow shape and style, especially when it comes to grooming your eyebrows. If you want your brows to remain natural and masculine, it is necessary to take precautions, especially when grooming or removing hair. You can, first of all, start with trimming, in other to remove excessive hair, which will, in turn, make it look neater and cleaner in appearance. You can also visit an expert or professional for more insight into eyebrow shapes and grooming.

Men’s eyebrow grooming options

When it comes to grooming your eyebrows, there are various options to choose from, and your choice will mainly depend on various factors like your style and preference. Whatever grooming option you decide to have solely depends on your preference. Some of the grooming options available include;

  • Trimming

One way to keep your brows looking neat and giving yourself that handsome appearance is by trimming the longer hairs of your brow. You can either make use of an electric trimmer or scissors to trim your eyebrow. If you are using scissors, you might want to select a straight pair with a short blade, one that is designed for hair. Then proceed to use a comb to brush your brows and then trim any hair that is longer than the rest. You can use a trimmer to thin out extremely bushy eyebrows, but you must be cautious to avoid overdoing it. You can trim your brows until they have that neat look.

  • Waxing

Having a professional or expert groom, your brows can be an excellent alternative, especially if you don’t want to do it yourself. Waxing is a standard method of removing hair and can also come in handy for eyebrows. The process involves pulling out multiple hair time in other to provide neat, clean, as well as long-lasting results.

Waxing is especially perfect for a lot of men who have a lot of hair to remove, like in the case of those who have thick hair growth between their two brows. Visiting a professional can help you get the best eyebrows grooming; although there are home waxing kits available, they are not usually the best option. This is because it is easy to make mistakes with wax, plus it is better to be around someone who is experienced in that area.

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  • Threading

The idea of threading may seem confusing, but it is an easy way of getting rid of unwanted hair from a sensitive area. Originally, this technique works by making use of small, twisted cotton threads to capture and pull out hairs in a smooth straight line. This process provides more precision and control than waxing, plus it is also less painful. Like waxing, it also requires visiting a professional in other to get the best results, plus prices also vary depending on where you go for the procedure. This method is perfect for men who don’t mind leaving their house to get the grooming routine they prefer.

  • Eyebrow plucking

One way to precisely groom as well as define the shape of your brows is by using tweezers. This method involves removing hair one at a time, which in turn creates the perfect results. More importantly, plucking is cost-effective and can easily be done at home. However, it is necessary to know that the process can be time-consuming and can also cause discomfort.

This grooming technique is only suitable for men who only need to remove a small amount of hair and value an exact finish. If you are using this method, be careful not to overpluck or change the natural shape of your brows. Endeavor to remove only the star hairs that are separate away from your brow along with its root in other to avoid breakage.

Irrespective of whatever eyebrow grooming technique you choose to go with, whether waxing, trimming, plucking, or threading, it is advisable to be careful and not overdo it. Start slow and refrain from removing too much off. A well-groomed and properly shaped set of eyebrows enhances a man’s appearance, so pick the one that best suits you and add it to your routine. The best grooming practice requires total dedication and commitment.


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