9 Reasons Why Bald Men Need a Beard (Updated 2021)

Why Bald Men Need A Beard

Why Bald Men Need A Beard

When a man begins to lose his hair, it might feel like the end of the world. They might try every possible means to fight it, to make sure that their precious hair remains intact. But as time goes, the hair has no choice but to keep withering. Many men have recounted feeling depressed, and being out of control can even make the feeling worse.

What can be done? How can someone with a head full of hair salvage this tragic occurrence? Unless you have a few bucks for a hair transplant, the most logical thing to do is give up the ghost. After all, bald can be sexy and attractive if well maintained. It also allows you to focus more on your personality and even see yourself among the rank of great men who are bald.

However, some men have discovered a better way to use their bald to their advantage. We call it bald with a beard. If you’re still new to this ordeal, you might find your heart beating intensely against your chest, especially when you’re about to have your first shave. You might even start wondering, ‘what is the shape of my head?’ Note that such a feeling is not strange, and it will take a little time for you to adjust to your new look.

However, some men shave it off once and for all, and they felt free and liberated—no more worrying about their loss of hair or getting depressed or anxious over nothing. There is no shame in having a bald; you have to own, then rock it to the best of your ability. When it comes to growing a beard with a bald, it can be pretty exciting. The fact is, it is now a growing trend in men’s style and grooming.

Today, many men aren’t bald, but they are shaving off their hair due to the masculine and rugged look it gives. You see, perhaps losing your hair isn’t such a bad thing. In this article, you’re going to learn why bald men need a beard. If you’re going beard, you will find this article most helpful.

Why Bald Men Need A Beard

1. Bald Makes You More Attractive

Numerous models have proved to the world that a bald head can be beautiful. Do you want names? Check out Tyson Beckford, Ben Whit, Sung-Jin Park, and a host lot of others. Even in the movie industry, we have the likes of The Rock, whose bald makes women drool. Millions of insane attractive men with bald never fail to command respect both from their contemporaries and the ladies.

With a beard, you look more macho, distinguished, and handsome. Since women are mostly attracted to men who depict dominance and confidence, this look can become the magnet that draws them. Women love the roughness and toughness of the appearance, and it lures them to your net-like moths to a flame. If you’re going bald, don’t feel bad but instead, rock it with a fitting beard that brings out your personality. Remember, you can only command respect when you’re at home with your look.

2. Gives Confidence

Rocking a bald with a beard can be a confidence booster. As you already know, confidence is a vital ingredient that one can’t do without in today’s world. Every woman loves a man with confidence, and a bald with a beard can be the magic trick that draws them close. Right from the time of the Stone Age men, women have always been attracted to men who seem more in control, more competent, and attractive.

A bald with a beard is a massive indication of these attributes. Since bald is something that many men dread, a bald man with a bald always seems to take the plunge and is more confident with it. When most men feel anxious about their thinning hair, these alpha males don’t give a damn, and they enjoy being themselves. That is the kind of confidence and freedom that people admire and can be a source of attraction if well maintained.

3. Makes You Stand Out

Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd – to be distinguished. However, not everyone is ready to take that road. No matter how much most men talk about being different or standing out, they still can’t resist conforming and getting lost in the crowd. Even when they have a bald, they’d prefer to cover it up or perhaps wear a wig.

In a world where the majority are with hairs on their tiny head, a bald with a beard can easily be spotted and distinguished. Imagine a picture of five friends with only one person with a bald head with a beard. The human mind is biologically wired first to notice the difference, which is you. This power can be very beneficial, both in your career and social life. If you go the extra mile to maintain and take care of your bald and beard appearance, you will be surprised how easily things come to you.

It is not magic, but because you’re different, and people are wired to be drawn to that which is different. Mind you, don’t break the heart of ladies as they will be flocking around you for your charm.

4. Reshapes Your Face

Going bald and growing a beard will do the trick if you’re an undercover agent looking to disguise yourself. But in case you’re none of that, a bald can help reshape your face, which can be a good thing, thereby giving you control over how you look. Most men have struggled throughout their adult lives, fighting and trying to gain control when their hair starts thinning out. Going bald is like taking back control, and power is what makes you a man.

By shaving your head and growing a beard, you’re reshaping your face, altering how you’re perceived or seen by people. Many men have discovered some incredible accentuating features they never thought they have in the course of this journey. Remember, the goal of grooming is to make the most of what you have, to highlight your best features, and forego things that won’t do what you want – your hair.

Irrespective of the head of your shape, there is a beard for you that will always fit. You don’t ever have to worry about your head being out of shape as a bald man. Most of the time, these worries are unfounded and aren’t real.

5. Makes You More Masculine

If you aim to achieve that masculine look, a bald head with a beard is a way to go. There is nothing more masculine and macho than a shaved head with a beard. Many women have confessed numerous times to being attracted to such men. This look is tough, refined, and allows your facial to fuzz. Take your time to browse through men with a bald and a beard; you’ll be convinced that bald is the Holy Grail to masculine look, compared to having a hair full of hairs.

Such men tend to command attention and respect, both among their contemporaries and the ladies. Hardly do you see such folks get disrespected because their bald and beard look commands power and authority. Although they can be meek and humble, their appearance ensures that you don’t overlook them easily or look down on them. It is the kind of aura men want to command, and unfortunately, not many are lucky in that department. A bald head with a beard always commands such respect.

6. Bald And Beard Creates An Intellectual Look

Another reason why bald men need a beard is the intelligent look it gives. Just imagine it, a bald head with a neatly groomed beard and a pair of glasses. The human mind is wired to perceive such a look as someone intellectual, and a couple of glasses depicts you as a man of wisdom. People are also involuntarily biased toward such men, thereby seeing them as dominant figures and effective according to statistics.

If you’re going to rock this look to an interview, conference meeting, etc., don’t be surprised when you’re treated with uttermost respect. If you’re in the business arena, negotiating becomes pretty easy as the other party will certainly agree with everything you say. Ensure that your beard is well-groomed and trimmed to avoid looking like a homeless beggar. But if you know what you’re in for, you’re always going to get whatever you want every time.

Why Bald Men Need a Beard



7. Bald And Beard Makes You Stronger In Bed

It might come off weird, but less hair means more skin and skin to skin contact trends to improve sexual excitement. When this happens, it triggers the release of a specific hormone known as oxytocin. It is the cuddle hormone, which tends to sensitize the body’s erogenous zones. It makes the women pretty excited to engage in foreplay, translating to an amazing experience in bed.

Since bald and beard is synonymous with masculinity and dominance, it makes your partner more submissive. Women have confessed to being more relaxed around such men, allowing them to explore regions without restriction. They likened the feeling of being vulnerable, as they get devoured by a hungry bear that drives them to the third heavens.

You see, having a bald head with a beard isn’t such a bad thing. Men who are not naturally bald are going bald today due to the insane advantage that comes with it. Shave off the remaining thin hairs, and look for a fitting beard that matches your personality. When you do this, expect good things to start happening in your life.

8. Reduces Risk Of Cancer

It is probably the last thing you might have expected on this page. The University Of Washington School Of Medicine discovered that men who go bald around 30 are less likely to develop prostate cancer. In other words, being bald can significantly reduce your chances of cancer. Through this study, they found that people who started losing their hair before the age of 30 faced a risk of cancer reduction, over 44%.

There have been some counter studies, but the investigation by the University of Washington reinforced the fact. Testosterone levels are associated with hair loss; they act as a preventive factor against prostate cancer. There is less evidence to support this claim, but it is generally believed that baldness can help avoid diseases.

9. Save Money And Time

Taking care of your hair can be pretty expensive and time-consuming. But with a bald head, you don’t have to spend so much again. All you need is to be proficient in using razor or clippers, and you’re good to go. You no longer need to frequently revisit the barbershop, as you can always shave and trim at home with your tools.

You can do the math and compare the expense of shaving your head with growing your hair using some costly drugs like Rogaine or even hair plugs surgical path. No doubt, you will agree that keeping your hair can break you done.

Aside from that, time is another essential commodity you need to consider too. Getting your hair in order before stepping out can be tiring. Even when you finally do it right, a gentle breeze could send you back in the mirror. It could be an excellent reason why bald men need a bald, as it can be a great way to cut down on your expense. Also, it gives you time to focus more on other crucial areas of your life.


A bald man with a beard can be appealing. With a good grooming regime, there is no bound to what you can achieve. You become more masculine, confident, and an attractive piece of meat that ladies want to be around. Growing a beard is an excellent complement to the blank canvas, which is your bald head in this case. There are many styles to choose from, and ensure you take your time to choose one that fits your personality.


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